A newspaper that emphasizes the 50 billion dirham program in Abu Dhabi

The newspaper Al Watan, based in the United Arab Emirates, has overseen the 50 billion dirham program with more than 50 initiatives.

The approval of the Abu Dhabi Development Development Program "Tomorrow 21", with a budget of 50 billion dirhams in the next three years, was endorsed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy commander-in-chief of the UAE forces. .

"To be one of the giant programs in the march of the emirate to consolidate its position and leadership in global competitiveness by forming an integrated package that covers the extensive development process in the emirate and within an endless number of programs & # 39; s and initiatives that will create global Abu Dhabi, as a global symbol of the industry of tomorrow and elevating life to the highest level of happiness at the forefront of concerns and making it the most complete community in the world. cultural renaissance, witness the vision and follow-up and interest of the leader of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, The unique achievements of the world's leading and most advanced cities have resulted in excellence in the program & # 39; s and projects that are reflected in Abu Dhabi's global performance with its trust, work and determination to to achieve loneliness that is his position as & # 39; to determine the world's first capital in investments, facilities, quality of life. Strengthen the UAE's position on the world map as a nation that has come up with an approach that elevates its children to the highest peaks of success and performance.

The program aims to stimulate increasing investment, especially that the approved economic policy has made the country attractive to investors, whether it offers facilities or because it is the land of achieving dreams or in terms of security and peace the community features .. What a competitive environment offers and supports the wheel of economic development in the emirate It races forward and is convinced that it will win and create a prosperous future, as long as its plans and projects are suitable for anyone who believes in the human civilization of Abu Dhabi and his efforts to serve the future of humanity and its future. Provided the most complete model on progress and industry of civilization.

She pointed out that the same is true for the development of society and increases the employment of citizens and offers all the support to promote the life of the dignity of the people of the UAE and to double the happiness of the national community with the possession of the elements of the era of knowledge economy and innovation system, and reinforce the basis for the development of comprehensive and sustainable.

At the end of his editorial, Al Watan claimed that what Abu Dhabi represents today is the result of the efforts of a leader who believes unlimitedly that it is a capital that looks like no other and will never be a clone of experimentation, even if it is successful and modern. Hence the guidelines, views and views of His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan said that it had to be unique and had to offer excellence and every achievement unprecedented for the world.Therefore, His Highness always sends out programs that are capable of projects to perform similar to achieving the extent of what Abu Dhabi can offer to his society and its people … to its nation and Arabism. On the way to a future, everything implies that happiness and upgrading promotes human life.

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