A technical assistant from the Dubai police came up with a device to check recordings without weapons

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The investigation and testing of firearms used in armed crimes and killings play a crucial role in uncovering the circumstances of crimes and arresting perpetrators. This requires the use of the latest technologies and software to study evidence in place of crime and above it, to creatively serve the business and to reveal the secrets of the perpetrators.
Mohammed Ali Beruli, who, despite not completing his education, was able to invent a device that could test the validity of the different recordings within a few minutes instead of three or four days, without the need to Test weapon to test them. "And lasted three months at the expense of about 300 dirhams and was used in 37 cases.
Mohammed Ali, technical assistant in the Forensic and Criminal Investigation Department at the Criminal Evidence and Criminology department at the Dubai police, explained the invention of his invention: The bullet consists of extruders, empty envelopes, ignition and gunpowder. After receiving the recordings from the crime scene, the role of the department is to test the validity of the bullets, whether it is sound or fire, using the appropriate weapon for the recording of the general administration of services and equipment. , and this procedure takes 3 to 4 days.
He added: start ignition and gunpowder determine the validity of the recording, if we find a defect in one of them to prevent the validity of the recording and according to the old method the recording vertically in a machine such as a dish, so that it beginning of the inflammation at the top, and then manually by manually pulling a piece of iron «needle» The device is used to return to the inflammatory initiator and wear protective gloves and a mask on the face to prevent injury. If a strong noise is released, the ignition initiator is suitable for use.
He continued: The new innovation requires no weapons to test shots, it is a circular device with 6 templates that are suitable for different shots.

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