A woman in a suit to take off:

Umniah Ibrahim wrote:

I was married 15 years ago and because of my husband's work abroad I only saw him once a year and our desire to make savings for our children because of the cruelty of life, endured my husband's departure for me, but in the end my friend was surprised that he used the death of her husband and went to my husband and married him and went to live in him. In these words, the wife of the Trio told her story.

The woman stood in front of the family court in Heliopolis, in the khul suit she wore and wore No. 2896 of 2018. She said: I am married to a life partner and was a simple employee. Because of the difficulty of life I was looking for opportunities to work abroad and I was able to work in the UAE. I just agreed and breathed in and decided to take responsibility.

My husband worked hard and proved his job efficiency. I have continued his work for many years and asked my husband a lot to return and be content

In Egypt, but he refused on the pretext that the chances of work in Egypt were very weak, I asked him to travel with him to the UAE and come and live with him, but he assured me that life is expensive there.

And I turned to a father and mother to my children, I cared for them and took care of their future. I also kept the money from my husband that he sent to her and saved. I never foresaw that money is the source of security for our four children.

A friend died a year ago, and she decided to look after her until she went through her crisis, but she was defeated in every way. She misused her knowledge of my husband and approached him and begged him. After a trip from Cairo, she began to talk to him on the internet and succeeded in ripping it.

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In love to decide to marry her and went to Cairo and married her and managed to accompany her with him.

This all happened while I was not aware of my situation, but the disappearance of my girlfriend is the one who revealed the truth of the disaster, of which I knew nothing. I searched a lot for her until I discovered what happened through her relatives who assured me of her marriage to my husband … I could not believe what I heard. I immediately called my husband to confront him with what I discovered … I wish I would deny this incident, but he simply confirmed his marriage to my girlfriend without taking into account For my feelings I ended the call and felt afterwards that the earth turned around me. A long bar of my memories with my husband passed before my eyes and ended with a disaster I had not expected.

I felt that he had planted a knife in my heart … The sense of betrayal and betrayal was worse than any pain, I lost my soul and I was in a serious psychological condition that was almost away from me, but my sons were the reason that I held onto that life, so I decided to ask him for divorce, but he refused that I had filed a divorce, I will not endure life with his betrayal Li and his injury to my dignity and insult me ​​that hard photo .

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