Abu Dhabi Civil Defense warns against the misuse of incinerators

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Sharjah – By Ayman Al-Fateh – «Civil Protection» confirmed the willingness of its teams to increase safety for the public during the holidays. From the source

The Ministry of Civil Protection in Abu Dhabi has urged the public to adhere to the requirements of prevention and security and to refrain from misconduct during Eid al-Adha.

It warned of abuse or neglect of the use of incinerators, their approach to sources of flammable light as lockers for clothing, the need to pay attention to when using gas cookers to prepare the banquet, and to avoid the residues of cooking oil to leave the fireplaces.

Acting Director General of Civil Defense Colonel Muadh Mohammed Al Derbi stressed the willingness of the civilian defense teams to increase public safety during the holidays, noting that civil protection gives the highest priority to the life and safety of its members. of society and the safety of property and protection of national benefits.

The calls to respond to calls within the strategy to apply best practices in the areas of fire, prevention, rescue and self-protection should be addressed through the response plan by receiving emergency numbers 999 or 997.

He stressed the importance of providing the necessary protection requirements for industrial installations and assembly, production facilities, hospitals, hotels, etc., in cooperation with partners, and calls on the public to prevent and prevent the causes of fire, such as disconnecting the electric current from unused devices or overloading them. Absorption, closure of gas cylinders when leaving a home and ensuring the safety and safety of vehicles during long journeys.

He urged families not to leave children unattended in recreation parks, play sites, beaches, and swimming pools to protect them from drowning, and stressed that matches, cups, and candles should not be left in the hands of children attracted by these tools. .

He stressed the importance of realizing the concept of comprehensive civil protection and access to this approach and culture for all members of society, by adopting preventative and precautionary behavior in daily life, to prevent fires and accidents, to raise awareness of the concept and public safety guidelines. He explained that the civil protection teams are kept abreast of all global developments in the field of professional work, developing the skills of its executives and providing the latest necessary facilities in the light of crises and disasters, the highest percentages of safety and security. risk prevention.

The Director General of Civil Protection in Abu Dhabi congratulated the leaders, citizens, residents and visitors of the UAE and the civil protection personnel on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha.

"Civil protection" urged families not to leave children uncontrollably.

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