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Abu Dhabi, September 17, (WAM) – The Ministry of Economic Development (Abu Dhabi)
Signed a joint venture agreement with the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADX) on strengthening the partnership
Strategy between the two sides in innovation through patent support
Invention and technology assessment and applied models under an initiative
Pioneers of technology and innovation.

The agreement was signed by HE Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, state minister and chairman of the council
Abu Dhabi International Market and HE Saif Mohammed Al Hajri, Head of Development Department
On the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi Technology Summit
Fintec Abu Dhabi "held today under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed
Deputy President of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Within the framework of the agreement, the Ministry of Economic Development (Abu Dhabi) is developing a market
Abu Dhabi Global as strategic partner through the Technology Pioneers platform initiative
Innovation in addition to supporting patents according to procedures and standards
And the mechanism that is set in the Service integration program.

The department also supports the evaluation of technology and patents
And applied models according to procedures, standards and applicable mechanisms
An integrated program and participation in business incubators for the Abu Dhabi Global Market
Representing and being involved in new initiatives and services offered by the Service
In addition to supporting the market to benefit from the agreements concluded by the department
With regard to innovation, technological incubators and entrepreneurship.

According to the agreement, Abu Dhabi Global Market is a strategic sponsor of initiatives
Thanks to its innovation and patents, the use of its facilities can be supported
Initiatives for entrepreneurship and business incubators offer an office for program staff
Integration with frequently used programs.

The market carries out awareness campaigns about technology leaders
Innovation and support of applied models and incubation of emerging companies and offering
Feasibility studies and development plans for the development of emerging companies
Modern technology is based on the laws and conditions of the market.

The two parties agreed to form a joint working group to follow up the mechanism
Procedures for the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement and periodic meetings with a view to follow-up
Implement initiatives, programs & # 39; s and activities.

HE Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, UAE Minister of State and President of the Abu Dhabi Securities Market (ADX)
The global market of Abu Dhabi is keen to strengthen cooperation with the Ministry of Development
Abu Dhabi Economic Development Company (Abu Dhabi)
The national innovation support program of the department – and the pioneering initiative
Technology and innovation.

His Excellency said that the agreement was signed with the Ministry of Economic Development
Enables the use of market offices to support initiatives from innovation pioneers and business incubators
And linking his technological work to economic and industrial sectors
Support patents and applied models and establish emerging technology companies
In accordance with the procedures and conditions of the Takamul program.

He noted that the agreement reflects the desire of both parties to strengthen cooperation
And coordination between them effectively with the aim of uniting common efforts on the basis of
A sound and uninterrupted legal framework for setting objectives and areas of cooperation
Usually during the next phase.

For his part, HE Saif Mohammed Al-Hajri, head of the Development Department
Abu Dhabi – Innovation has become a priority and a top priority in plans
And programs and initiatives by the government of the emirate Abu Dhabi because of its central role in building
Knowledge economy and the transformation of new and innovative ideas into value
Economic development and the reason for prosperity and economic development of the emirate
Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general.

He explained that the ministry is working on sustainable economic development
Abu Dhabi Emirate by adopting the principles of knowledge economy and proposing plans
Strategy and implementation of the economic sector
And responsibilities in the organization of business and economic affairs in the emirate
Supervision and control.

The department wanted to cooperate with its strategic partners
The economic agenda of Abu Dhabi lead to a sustainable economy
Balanced and diversified knowledge-based innovation by focusing on stakeholders
And to work effectively to enable the sustainable economic development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

He noted that the integration program is a national program to support innovation
The department wants to support inventors and bring a culture of innovation to a state
United Arab Emirates, where it provides specialized support for all stages of innovation, awareness raising
Generate ideas and even apply them to revenue-generating products and services
Economic development.

He pointed out that the Takamul program focuses on the health, medicine and technology sectors
Information and communication, clean technology, semiconductors and oil
Gas, electricity, infrastructure and advanced materials and offers support
For business incubators and emerging companies in the field of modern technology and labor
Creating an attractive environment for investment and entrepreneurship.

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