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The Food Control Authority of Abu Dhabi (ADFCA) has announced the opening of its community initiative, launched by Zayed Salama Zadkm through 8 recognized training institutes in the field of training and preparing housewives and domestic staff for the basic principles of food safety. Hours during which they will learn about the most important safe practices for dealing with food at home, thereby increasing the awareness of the community of food safety issues.

Engineer Thamer Rashed Al Qassimi, spokesman for the Agency, said: "The initiative is part of the Agency's activities and efforts to achieve food security and a sustainable agricultural sector by ensuring maximum food safety in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, through safe and provide safe food to all members of society, and to maximize the role of the Agency in the service of the community and consolidate the values ​​of Zayed in terms of human development, by creating innovative and effective means to good food practices to consolidate in society.


He pointed out that through this initiative the device is looking for the end consumer in the latest deliveries of the food chain and to promote the awareness of good nutrition practices that guarantee access to safe and healthy food.

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