Abu Dhabi opens important files … the fall of Aden and the events Socotra and Taiz

The program "Yemen in a week" opens in his next episode on the channel of Abu Dhabi, next Friday important files contain the latest developments in Aden,
Abu Dhabi TV will broadcast a program entitled "Yemen in a week" at 2.30 pm local time in the UAE, and will be directly organized by the director of Aden Security, Major General Shalal Shaya and the commander of the Abbas brigades in the colonel on the eastern front "Abu Abbas", and a member of the Southern Transition Council presidency in Socotra, Major General "Salim Abdullah Al-Saktari", and analysts from the Arab alliance countries.

And the program presented by prominent media player Yasser Faisal Abdullah on Abu Dhabi TV, appeared every Friday at 1.30 pm. Aden time – the second and half time in the United Arab Emirates, will mark the next episode on the axis of insecurity in Aden, and the events in Socotra and the events in Taiz.

The program will also talk about Abu Abbas, the mysterious man in his first appearance and what he will say about his withdrawal from strategic locations in Taiz, and why the demonstrations Socotra and Shalea Shaya raise why the security chaos in Aden.

The program "Yemen in a week" highlights these important issues, in connection with the situation of insecurity of murders and crimes in Aden, the demonstrations in Socotra against governor Fahmi Mahrous and events that will stop until renewed in Taiz about the clashes between the Salafist militias led by my father Abbas and others follow the Yemeni Rally for Reformation.

You can visit the original news here >> This news item that was published by the Yemenieuws website was published by the Aden website tomorrow

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