Abu Dhabi opens student registration system in alternative schools

Abu Dhabi: Iman Sorour

The Ministry of Education and Knowledge opened the system for data registration of students (ISIS) to receive all registration and transfer requests for students from the Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra schools. School boards were required to receive applications in case of vacancies. .Orders were referred to alternative schools and kindergartens in the absence of a vacancy, And to communicate with the Ministry of Planning in the Ministry in the case of questions about residential or alternative schools.The school boards have also contacted the registration service for questions about registration, admission and tuition fees.
The Abu Dhabi government schools on the other side of the emirate are changing this year to merge, distribute and transport their students, change their educational courses and create, remove and cancel school buildings. Three schools will be located in Abu Dhabi and surroundings. , The second and third school / men under the name of the spirit of the Union, and the second and third schoolgirls under the name of the school «Malih», in addition to the development of two schools in the city of Al Ain, the school «Zayed I »for the second / male and the school« Narcissus »for the first episode« Mixed »and kindergartens, such as tumbled From the decision to leave 7 schools, including 5 schools in Abu Dhabi, & # 39; Aisha Bint Abi Bakr, Khadija Al-Kubra, Al-Mustaqbal, Bani Yas and Al Jawharah, as well as two schools in Al Ain.
On the other hand, a number of alternative schools have been identified for student registration, due to the lack of a school vacancy in overcrowded schools for the academic year 2018-2019.
The ministry sent school boards. If there are no vacancies in the alternative school, parents are instructed to register their children at other schools, noting that the transport is not available and that they have to take care of the transportation of their children. If the vacancies in the schools mentioned are not available The choice of a school with school desks, but with the emphasis on providing transport to his son or daughter and the need to register no objection from the school.
The new school year is witnessing major changes in Abu Dhabi's public schools, including five schools in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
In addition, 11 schools in Abu Dhabi have undergone a change in the type of student and six or six classes have been changed. The number of schools that were changed in the city of Al Ain reached 5, while the number of classes and classrooms was changed to 7 schools.
The administrative decision changed the buildings of 5 schools.
The school buildings have been evacuated and there are 7 schools, including 5 schools in Abu Dhabi.
The names and numbers of 10 schools were canceled, four in Abu Dhabi, four in Al Ain and two in Dhafra.

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