Abu Dhabi Police Mission for Hajj returns to the country

The Abu Dhabi police mission (ADPH) returned to the country on Monday after performing the rituals and took in 172 pilgrims, Abu Dhabi police officers and senior retired officers.

Hamad Adil Al Shamsi, head of mission, said that all mission requirements and best services and their succession were made available to enable them to perform the pilgrimage easily and with genuine feelings of faith.

He stressed that all pilgrims of the mission are healthy and happy after the execution of the rituals and their return to the homeland of Guanmin.

The delegation was received at the Abu Dhabi International Airport by leaders and members of the security directorate of ports and airports in the security affairs sector, the traffic department of foreign territories in the traffic management and patrols in the central operations sector, the social relations department and guidance with the protocol and public relations department in the financial sector and services, the permanent committee for hajj and umrah, Friends of the police.

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