Abu Dhabi Police Prevent Suicide Case from Tower of Etisalat

The Abu Dhabi police succeeded in persuading an Asian in his second decade of life to commit suicide from a communication tower on an intimate road after a brief negotiation, after which he succumbed to the team's logic in the interest of maintaining his life.

Brigadier General Musallam Mohammed al-Amiri, director of the Police Department of Foreign Territories, said the man took the communication tower and threatened to throw himself out because of problems he found difficult to solve, according to the police who took the necessary measures to maintain its safety.

The command Command and Operations Command of Abu Dhabi's central police received a report last Thursday at 2.30 pm stating that a suicide attempt had been made. The teams, ambulances and police patrols immediately went to the Al-Balagh site and the Civil Defense Corps was deployed.

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