Administrative and teaching institutions in 1183 public schools Sunday

Abu Dhabi: Iman Sorour

The 1181 public schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates start on Sunday, while students from all public and private schools who follow the curriculum, kindergartens and adult education of the ministry, start on Coming Sunday, September 2.
A number of school directors in Abu Dhabi confirmed at the "Golf" that the maintenance work is near completion, when it reached the final stages, and private schools began, guided tours of the experimental bus school, and parents provided the dates of departure and return, as well as providing them with numbers of drivers and supervisors, Registration of students in some phases.
According to the school calendar, issued by the Ministry of Education, it is decided that the first semester will start on September 2, 2018, and the winter leave will be on December 16 and will last until January 10, 2019. The academic faculty starts on August 26, 2018, and the winter leave for the academic institution is from 23 December to 3 January 2019. The academic staff starts the second semester on 6 January and the students are on 13 January, March and ending on 11 April, to resume on 14 April and to go to Will be completed on 31 March and the third semester will resume on 7 April and students will be scheduled to finish their studies on 4 July 2019. The end of the academic year is on 11 July and the number of school days for the next academic year is 182 days, including exam days.
The ministry called on the members of the administrative, educational and technical bodies to adopt the vision of education and its strategy, to be enthusiastic about innovation, and to apply the method of educational leadership, which deals with integration roles between its members and the development of their performance, emphasizing the importance of ambition and determination to make maximum efforts; The development of education in the state, and the realization of its ambitions.
The ministry emphasized the importance of providing an innovative working environment within schools that applies the best practices that promote the spirit of participation and excellence among students and that inspire and empower students at schools to become responsible and become leaders.
And appealed to all teachers and chiefs of administrative and educational bodies to pay attention to discipline at work and at school, and to communicate with students and parents in all available ways, to make a serious start with the beginning from the first school day.
A number of Abu Dhabi school directors confirmed that all preparations were made to receive the students on the first day. The schools were ready to receive the members of the educational and governing bodies on Sunday. Declared by the ministry.
They pointed out that teachers will follow courses throughout the week to develop their skills, each based on their materials and seminars, to inform them of the latest developments and to train them.

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