AED 940 million real estate transactions in Dubai

Property transactions in the Dubai country district reached AED 940 million yesterday, with 121 properties valued at AED 329 million, of which 20 parcels were sold for AED 211 million and 101 apartments and villas were sold for AED 118 million.

The main land sale of 90 million dirhams in the fourth region of the fourth, followed by the promise of 40 million dirhams in the first Aweer. Al Safa Valley 5 exceeded the region's number of sales, as it followed 5 sales of 13 million dirhams, followed by Jebel Ali, the first 4 sales of 14 million.

Regarding the main sales of apartments and villas, a promise of 14 million dirhams in the car park promised as the main sales, followed by a 6 million promise in Burj Khalifa.

Al Barsha was in fourth place in terms of sales of apartments and villas, with 13 promises of AED 9.3 million, followed by Worsan I with 12 promises of 6 million dirhams and 611 million dirhams, of which 16 were mortgages with a value of AED 563 million and 36 villas & # 39; s and apartments with a value of AED 48 million. The most important of these is the first investment park area of ​​AED 479 million and the second investment area of ​​Dubai Investment Park with a value of 50 million.

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