Al Ain Municipality launches project to protect homes via satellite

The Town Planning and Research department of the municipality of Al Ain launched a project to protect civilian buildings by means of satellites called "Explosive radar", the first project of its kind in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center. Which are dangerous for buildings and their residents.

Eng Sanad Al Ameri, head of the Tafnetic Radar Team, confirmed that the project is based on a survey of 80% to 85% of urban areas via satellite and monitoring of changes in buildings. The building permit system is assessed to check whether or not the increase is licensed. If the permit is not granted, please contact the owner of the property to correct the status of the building.

He added that the main goal of the project is to protect the buildings and protect the safety of the residents. Many risks have been monitored because of the unlicensed construction that threatens the lives of the residents of these houses because of the construction violates the rules and laws, which cause structural problems for the building, affecting the safety of the building and its occupants. For material losses and loss of human lives.

Al Ameri added that through the trial radar project we are trying to reduce the number of violations and inform the public about the importance of licensing a building or subdivisions in the homes for their protection. A specialized team has been formed to trial radar project. The team coordinates with specialists to conduct field visits for follow-up or follow any building and try to find the best solutions.

He explained that citizens through the project will be able to build safely and prevent the violation and subsequent removal of the building, which forms a financial burden for the owner of the house as the procedure currently observed in unauthorized build, be corrected by the removal or install it after violating the owner of the building, by asking for a construction study by a consultancy firm to provide the safety of the building and the materials used in the construction guarantees, taking into account the requirements and requirements.

The Inspection Radar team will also follow the transactions performed to correct the building conditions to complete the permit as soon as possible.

The Inspection Radar team department sent a message to citizens who wanted to build within the voucher that the urban planning sector and area is available to serve the public and to make the full effort to maintain the safety of people and buildings, and not only is it violated in the extreme cases where no cooperation with the teams is possible. inspection.

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