Al-Bukhaiti opens fire on the Emirates, Hadi and leaders of the Transitional Council and praises the role of Ben Dagher

Here are the details of this story Al-Bukhiti opens the fire on the UAE and Hadi and the leaders of the Transitional Council and praises the role of Ben Dagher

Al-Bukhiti opens the fire on the UAE and Hadi and the leaders of the Transitional Council and praises the role of Ben Dagher

Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 4:52 pm

The writer and politician Ali al-Bukhiti criticized the role of the UAE and the support of southern leaders who failed in the the administration of the state, as well as the failure of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his inability to fulfill his responsibilities in representing and defending the state and its institutions
On Twitter, that President Hadi is the cause of the problem of Yemen, remarkable
This was in response to what happened yesterday in Aden of an armed attack on graduates of military colleges by armed gangsters attached to the Transitional Council, which resulted in the death of several wounded.
He pointed out that the defect is not in Idroz al-Zubaidi, Hani Ben-Brik, nor in a common waterfall, but also in the president of the republic, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who is supposed to do his duty to to stop these attacks on the symbols of the state and its institutions and the sons of the military and security apparatus. Al-Bukhaiti that Hadi Ben Brik had referred to the investigation a while ago and nothing happened, with the emphasis on it
Al-Bukhaiti said: "The perpetrators are supposed to be immediately arrested, the reference to the investigation is the as sown in the eyes, until the case is cool, no advantage of a president outside the scope of coverage, whatever happens. "He described President Hadi as" a man without personality and without presence. "
" The Idruss and Ben Brik militias tamper with Aden and bomb an official military ceremony, killing one of the graduates and tearing down the flag of the republic. "Hadi,
He also launched a devastating attack on President of the Transitional Transitional Council , Aideros al-Zubaidi, his deputy Hani Brik, "They are not authorized to restore a state, to build a future, or to enforce a law, they have no some possibility to work behind. "
"These children are run by a sister country when they are asked to go out to destroy the government,
He stressed that what the followers of Idruss and Ben Brik, of the attack on students of military colleges do not even to the militias of Houthi, added: "Until the end of the war, here is enough, Eidros and Ya Ben Brik, what you did not even do with the Houthis militias;
Al-Bukhaiti pointed out that the chances given to Eiderus and Ben Brik and the waterfall were adequate, but they proved their ultimate failure, but they did not believe that they were the ones,
He explained that the The southern issue is more important than the people, calling for an end to these failing leaders and for finding rational and mature political figures to reach and not just speak.
Like the people in the south, Al-Bukhiti criticized the role of the United Arab Emirates, Mata He said that his support for the seat belt militia, Laedros, Ben Brik and Chalal at the expense of state institutions, is in conflict with the set goals of the coalition, and ultimately will lead to the loss of all efforts and sacrifices of the UAE. He stressed that the alliance with those who described them as & # 39;
"I do not know if the UAE works according to the alliance's goals, and how does it support the Idruss and Ben Brik militias, which are the objective equivalent of the Huthi rebels?" He said.
He pointed out that the UAE must realize that its actions undermine State and institutions in consciousness The people in favor of the extremist armed groups, and stresses that this work will help to continue the coup.

Al-Bakhiti praised the role of Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher, pointing out that the days have proven to be a veteran statesman, and that he is the only survivor of the beautiful time, before the disastrous 11 February, for chaos , destruction,

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