Al-Ittihad newspaper launches the "police station in your phone"

Al Ittihad newspaper

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Police station on your phone

Police station on your phone

Mohammed Al Ameen (Abu Dhabi)

The Ministry of the Interior has launched its smart service "Police Station in Your Telephone", which allows users of its intelligent application (MOI-UAE) to communicate and terminate transactions of police stations in the country easily and in an innovative way. From HH General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, to distinguish smart services around the clock.
With the launch of the service on October 1, 2018, customers can access a range of smart services and submit their transactions and reports to police stations through smart applications, no matter where they are located, regardless of their geographic location, allowing the process of modernization and development of police work is promoted.
His Excellency General Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, deputy head of police and public security in Dubai, stressed that the development of this service is part of the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior to achieve the UAE's vision (2021). to become the leading country in the field of smart services.
He pointed out that the new service, which has undergone studies, steps and technical stages that improve the benefits of the smart services of the ministry, is part of digital transformation initiatives and the smart government program of the Ministry of Interior to achieve quality of life in a sustainable environment based on world-class public services.
He called on the public to use this service, which is an achievement for the Ministry of the Interior to improve its smart services, and encourages them to submit their proposals and opinions after this release to take advantage of these proposals. and feedback to develop the service and achieve the set goals.
Brigadier General Abdul Aziz al-Ahmad, deputy director of the Department of Criminal Police at the Ministry of the Interior, and a member of the police station in your telephone, said that this new service provides a means to bring crimes and problems to the public. report via the mobile phone through smooth and simple steps.
He emphasized that the service offers the advantage of providing reporting services, criminal complaints and others in a quick and easy way, taking into account the confidentiality of information, the utmost care and optimal use of the service, within a range of audits, conditions and restrictions for the user.
Brigadier general engineer Walid Al Mannai, deputy adviser to the deputy chief of police and public security in Dubai, and a member of the police station in your telephone, stressed the need to comply with the legislation and the requirements for reporting and attaching the documents, photos & evidence needed to complete the communication, to ensure the realization of the right and to maintain the legality of the procedures, The federal organization for such procedures, pointing out that a treaty that respects the law and performs controls for the use of such a smart service to ensure the retention of confidentiality and non-violation of laws and to determine the responsibility of all parties and the speed of delivery and officials. , by enthusiastic about those who receive communication about the achieved results in accordance with the desired speed e n accuracy standards response.
Colonel Faisal Mohammed Al Shammari, director corporate governance and member of the board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for intelligent services and artificial intelligence, said that this development comes as part of efforts to provide the smart and innovative services of the ministry in his plans to to automate smart services.
He explained that the service is aimed at raising the indicators of happiness for customers and strengthening the efforts of the ministry as a federal agency to shorten distances, documents and printed documents, which is the effort to reduce the carbon footprint. reduce and the time it takes to move during the service request improves, in line with the mission of the ministry to the goals of safety and security.

Al-Ittihad newspaper launches the "police station in your phone" Interior launches- "police-in-your-phone"

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