Al-Qahtani responds to a man who asks him about the truth of his purchase "

The advisor of the Royal Court, the supervisor of the Center for Studies and Information Affairs, Saud Al-Qahtani, denied what was said about the purchase of the camel camel of his owner, Omir bin Fahd Al-Qahtani.

Al-Qahtani said in response to the question from one of the recalcitrant, saying, "Your Excellency, the adviser is the truth of the Chirit Munqih Amir Qahtani .. I begged you to answer God bless you if you take it and if God bless you the best. "

The adviser to the Royal Court answered: "The news is not true, and it is completely unjust, and at least it is with the beloved cousin, Sheikh Ameer, that I have one and only one, but these rumors have no truth and there is no basis for them.

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