Al-Shamsi: I love Lebanon and its support and wise leadership

The Lebanese-UAE Business Association, in cooperation with the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Beirut and under the auspices of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and emigrants in the interim government, Gibran Basil and the ambassador of the UAE, Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi, held a large cultural and cultural celebration attended by more than 500 people in the Lebanese house in Batroun. The initiatives of "General Zayed", including the adviser of the President of the Republic for International Affairs, MP Elias Bou Saab, the Consul General of Lebanon in Assaf Dumet, the heads of municipalities, mukhtars and media and popular events.

After the national anthem and the peace of the UAE, a welcome speech was given to the member of the association, Michel Nassour, in which he spoke about "the heroic deeds and virtues of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul."


"Sheikh Zayed is the man who stood up and stood by the men of that time for the people of his country, and for what he did to raise the UAE's name in international forums." He worked to meet countries instead of disaggregating. To walk, And the cohesion and familiarity instead of dissonance, everything came in a melting pot, serving man and humanity He achieved his humanitarian work to reach many people in the ends of the earth, given without charge and helped without a question The words will not reach the right of Zayed, no matter what we say, white hands and bids extended To the ends of the earth, without distinction not in color, religion or race Lebanon and the Lebanese also share, and we do not forget. "

He added: "Today's celebration is nothing more than a gesture of respect for Zayd and our gratitude to the beloved Emirates and his good memory for not sacrificing the love of the nations in our hearts and sacrificing them and to rely on men to build them.

"The UAE was our second home, where we found safety, security, welcome, honor and employment opportunities," he concluded.

The ambassador of the UAE

Al Shamsi said that "the UAE is a loving and sisterly country for its Arab region, and it is constantly playing a crucial and effective role." The slogan it has assigned is to help people to provide better conditions, which made them in the refineries of developed and developed countries. "He said:" The UAE has in recent years been able to find a prominent place on the map of the world countries thanks to its wise leadership and vision embodied by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, whose centennial we celebrate this year, is an embodiment of the exceptional man and the Arab leader who devoted his life to the service to mankind. & # 39;

He emphasized the role of Sheikh Zayed in building and developing: "The late Imam built a nation and wrote a new history for the region, which through its internal and external policies saw a real rebirth that has become a model for growth and development and the use of resources to serve mankind, principles and ethical and human values, and to give a good approach to generations. "

"The Lebanese community has played an important role in the rebirth of the state, they have given an honorable and civilized image of their homeland and today they convey the vision of the UAE and its development during this renowned festival.

"I love Sheikh Zayed, may God feel sorry for him, Lebanon and his people, and have contributed to the approval of projects for the benefit of this country before the founding of the Emirates Union, and today we are completing what we have begun by adopting a humanitarian policy represented by projects, campaigns and assistance throughout the year, from the specialties granted to the UAE and for five consecutive years as the world leader in providing humanitarian aid to national income, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, is that the methodology of humanitarian aid is an inherent legacy of its foreign policy.

He stressed that "aid in Lebanon starts from a national dimension and is based on the most disadvantaged, marginalized and destitute areas, and we try to reach all villages and government to expand the hand of good according to an integrated strategy that addresses the issue. of giving away agenda & # 39; s or restricting policies.We handle all legitimate institutions and international organizations, It is under license from the Ministry of the Interior and Municipalities and the aid varies from development, humanitarian and charitable, as part of the Specialized international programs adopted by the UAE in the Five Year Humanitarian Aid Plan for the years 2017-2021.


As far as the Consul General in Dubai is concerned, he referred to the performance of Sheikh Zayed and his gifts and wisdom. He is a person whose name is associated with virtue and openness, and here are the people who are Zayed Al-Khair. say, who devoted his whole life to solving differences with wisdom and courage. & # 39; The close relationship between the two countries and the Lebanese community that operates and invests in the UAE is the best proof and witness. "

The association honored the ambassador of the UAE and gave him an appreciation for his "efforts to consolidate relations." He presented Shumat with a shield, while Al Shamsi gave the members an honorary shield for their "pioneering role in conveying the clear image of the UAE. "

This was followed by a village dinner and cultural performances, heritage and entertainment.

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