City of Abu Dhabi: 6000 video calls within six months

The City of Abu Dhabi has announced the completion of approximately 6,000 calls through the visual communication system during the first six months of its implementation, adding that the system communicates with strategic partners of institutions and departments, consultancies, developers and owners in the field of want to increase the handling of transactions. Through a closed-circuit television channel that broadcasts events directly and promotes coordination and cooperation between all beneficiaries of the municipality's services, whose purpose is to permanently prevent the auditors from being present at the customer service premises, thereby the provision of sustainable services is being increased. Endeavor in the direction of automation of all services provided to the public.


Ahmad Abdul Samad Al Hammadi, Director of Technical Planning Department, City of Abu Dhabi City, said in a statement to journalists that the benefits of the system are implemented through the system mentioned and provide simple means to enable the client to participate in the assessment of his treatment and the final decision on this. "The system is characterized by the processes that take place via the Cisco Webex Meeting via the internet and the visual communication has become part of the daily life of many agencies and the government, and life has changed with the development of technologies Ah Besides changing business patterns Visual collaboration between employees and controllers is one of the most effective tools for communication.

The program allows one or more people to talk with voice and video on the Internet and the possibility to set a certain time for the meeting, and the possibility to send invitations to other people, in addition to being able to work every smartphone and allows the program to run a free trial to test the possibilities and possibilities of the program.


"Video is more widespread in all areas with the goal of expanding services, making decisions faster, creating more flexible working conditions and reducing costs," he said. Especially because the flexibility component has a major impact on day-to-day operations. Video is a crucial element of a flexible business strategy, as well as a simplified presentation of information, graphs, designs, images and graphics.

He added that the program helps speed up decision-making, this system will be a starting point for serving customers and promoting the development process, delivering the best services, improving government performance in Abu Dhabi Emirate and offer everything related to customer service and satisfaction.

He added that the application of this idea contributes to reducing the costs of dealers and their expenses to obtain licenses, and achieves effective communication with the engineers of building permits during the licensing phases, including the preliminary assessment of the plans, and then the basic phase of assessment and approval of the plans, And then the license phase, this is done within the plan of the municipality of Abu Dhabi City to issue the licenses without the customer having to go to the head office of the municipality. achieve and must wait for the assessment with the qualified engineer.

The results of this system include savings on the number of working hours for dealers, reduction of the number of visitors to the municipality, saving of the time spent by the inspectors when discussing the notes, providing the distance traveled by the auditors for each license, increasing the number of proposals and reducing the number of complaints; Dealers, and the convenience of dealers, and try to achieve their comfort, and contributes to the system to support Abu Dhabi and improve the environment by reducing traffic and carbon footprint.


Ahmed Abdul-Samad Al-Hammadi said that visual communication technology is no longer a distant solution or an exclusive management tool because it has become accessible to an employee on a larger scale. It is now known that visual collaboration is now of great importance for the possibilities and solutions of the municipality. Improve teamwork and productivity, stimulate decision-making and reduce costs Visual communication solutions make it easy to communicate between employees and customers, regardless of location.

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