"Coffee Zayed" .. Coffee "Ceylon" … and roasting on coal

Nisreen Darazi (Abu Dhabi)

In the presence of HE Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, and HE Saif Saeed Ghabash, Secretary of State for the Department of Culture and Tourism, in collaboration with the International Coffee Day, the Ministry of Culture in Abu Dhabi held the "Coffee of Zayed" , a celebration of the customs, traditions and rituals of Arabic coffee, from UNESCO. The celebration took place in the architecture café on the island of Al Reem and witnessed a presentation of the coffee ritual on coal at the request of the founder, presented by the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Shamsi Al-Mekhoi to the late Sheikh Zayed for more than 30 years, in the context of combining past and present with the best images of the cultural and popular heritage of the UAE community. Al-Shamsi said that Zayed insisted on the natural materials in his food and drink and preferred the Hellenic coffee without Hill without additives, but boiled milk, he was asked whether ginger or green thyme or ring.

Conservation of heritage
Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, spoke with Al Ittihad about the "Coffee of Zayed" initiative, which coincided with the international celebration of International Coffee Day. She said it was important to spread knowledge about the type of coffee Sheikh Zayed had always eaten, and to inform the public and the students about it, especially the emerging local coffee entrepreneurs. It is useful to encourage and support young people to traditional face of hospitality in the UAE as part of the Heritage Conservation Strategy Bring it over to generations and emphasize its sustainability as a national treasure.

Humility of Zayed
Abdullah Al Shamsi has told the details of his diary with the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, may God have mercy on him, since he was the only person allowed to go into Zayed's counsels in his encounters with kings and heads of state. He said: "The father Zayed asked daily about the people of the state for fear of being in need or the patient, and his tongue says how to sleep before he reassures the circumstances of my people and they are okay.
He talked about the humility of father Zayed and his love to prepare his own coffee on land trips, paying off any appearance of costs far from the official councils, and everything he asked for a single conversion, and the fruits of dates of dates and wet, and the number of coffee boiled with water was brought from Falaj Alsarog eye.
Al-Shamsi added that he always went with secret orders, accompanied by Zayed during all his travels, from Al-Khazna Palace to Al-Maqam Palace, so he traveled with him abroad, with the group auctioneer and cups that he loved in both large and medium size. He said that Zayed, who honored his guests with Arabic coffee, their their benefits and the & # 39; sana & # 39; explained their traditions, and sipped all the coffee and tea that was offered to him during his travels to different parts of the earth.Although the habits of some in the hot drink were not good, There is no one hospitality, but on the contrary it was appreciated and celebrated.

Legacy will not die
Al Shamsi continued his story and wept as he remembered how he would watch the founder until two in the morning and see him wake up one day with his favorite tastes to pray and drink fresh milk.He said: "Life was not easy before, I remember Sheikh Zayed complaining about a day or a failure The road to Dubai required that we had to travel for 10 days, but we were full of joy .. I loved the service of the father Zayed and learned the preparation of coffee at a young age, and I did not offer it to others in his presence and ordered from him, I first honor the guests. & # 39; Al Shamsi in turn taught the coffee and coffee rituals a whole generation of young people, he is not afraid of this profession, because the heritage of Zayed will not die with the interest of the state leaders in the strategy to preserve the old customs and traditions and transfer them to the world.
Asked about the reason why the Golden Dallah stuck all the time, Abdullah Al Shamsi replied that he was his last gift. Despite his passion for his profession as a coffee maker, he swore that coffee would not be used by anyone after Zayed Al Khair. Coffee »How to make coffee cups for guests.

3 hours
He explained that the preparation of coffee requires due care, know-how and a good feeling, and said that the father asked Zayed coffee on the belongings and that he had the necessary taste to roast, cook, mix and filter and limit a minimum of two. up to three o'clock.

4 Dalal
The preparation of Arabic coffee requires 4 Dalal, the largest used to boil the water and define the "alcohol" pack, and the second is the process of mixing coffee hot water known as the "Altlqip" pack, and the third is dedicated to the formation and knows the suit "Almzlh", and the professional coffee shop uses a fourth suit dedicated to casting. And the special "Dalat Zayed", who always accompanied him during his meetings, was golden and Shamsi was embraced by his hands as a precious jewel to bring him back to the most beautiful years of his life.

Authentic tastings
The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development offers the "Coffee of Zayed" initiative until October 4 to the public to experience authentic Arabic flavor. After the architecture café in Abu Dhabi, the event will move to The Espresso Lab in Dubai, Ratios Coffee in Sharjah, Trends Café in Ajman and The Muse cafe in Ras Al Khaimah.

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