Consolidate the sustainability principles in the public and private sector

The Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment signed a memorandum of understanding with the Union of Energy Services at the headquarters of the Ministry in Dubai on cooperation in the consolidation of sustainability principles in the public and private sectors.

Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zaidi, Minister for Climate Change and Environment, witnessed the signing of the agreement signed by Saif Mohammed Al Shara, deputy secretary of the sustainable societies sector.

Saif Al Shara said about the signing: "The agreement corresponds to the joint effort between the two parties to realize the vision of the UAE 2021 and the implementation of the Green Agenda 2030. In accordance with the wise leadership guidelines to the principle of to promote partnership and cooperation in integrating sustainability into the public and private sectors through Business involvement in the state in a diverse supply chain of financial institutions and suppliers of technology and services at all stages of enterprise development ».


Ali Mohammed Al Jassim praised the efforts and directions of the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment and its willingness to achieve green visions and sustainability, stressed the Union's sharpness for energy services and its efforts to promote green projects and partnership with the Ministry of Climate change and Environment to implement and work together in line with the achievement of the goals of the Vision of the UAE for Sustainability 2030.

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