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What are the manifestations of child neglect and what is the punishment in the new law?

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According to Article 34 of Federal Law No 3 of 2016 on the rights of the child, it is forbidden to endanger the child's mental, psychological, physical or moral well-being, either by abandoning his caretaker or by him without to leave any obligation in a place or institution. Refuse to accept the child from his caretaker, or to refrain from interfering and carrying out his affairs.

This law guarantees the enjoyment of all rights of the child under this law and other legislation in force in the state, and protects him without discrimination on the grounds of his or her origin, gender, place of residence, religion, social status or disability .

The UAE legislator has defined the child's negligence as a negligence on the part of the parents or the childcare provider to take the necessary measures to protect his / her life, physical, psychological, mental and moral integrity from the danger and / protect its various rights. Healthy and safe growth and development.

The competent authorities and the relevant authorities in the United Arab Emirates are committed to maintaining the right of the child to life, survival and development, to provide all the opportunities needed to achieve this, to enjoy a free and safe life. and to protect him from all forms of neglect, exploitation and abuse, It has both legal and legal rights, such as the right of parents and others to discipline their children.

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