Continuous bleeding of the Yemeni riyal amidst the silence of the government and the abandonment of the Allies

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Sunday, September 30

The Yemeni currency continues its rapid collapse against the rest of the currency, surpasses the 700-dollar barrier to the dollar, and loses 300% of its value four years ago, with the government and the Economic Committee unable to reverse this serious hemorrhage to stop.

The collapse of the Yemeni riyal against the US currency has caused dissatisfaction among activists, writers and politicians amid calls for the legitimate government to take serious measures to save them.

The Yemeni riyal reached a record of $ 720 per dollar to buy and 745 to buy after it was about 485 riyals about two months ago, which led to a frightening price hike and collapse of services.

The collapse of the currency comes after the Economic Committee, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, has approved the provision of banking services to cover trade of merchants for the import of basic goods at 585 riyals per US dollar.

The government blamed the Houthi, who claimed that they were the main reason for the deterioration of the riyal, while the Minister of Transport in Yemen pointed out a hint to a role the UAE played by the parallel entity that she imposed in Aden to to replace the state.

In the context of the activist and political analyst Ahmed Shahar, we used Kimnin bin Dajr and his government to evade his responsibility for the collapse of the national currency and hide behind the accusation of the Huthi militias to cause the collapse.

"The measures taken by the Economic Commission do not address the issue of the collapse of the currency," he said on Twitter on his Twitter page, noting that they are only the legalization of collapse, so that there is no sharp and accelerating decline the national currency.
He added that the real treatment needed a foreign influx of money, so that the supply exceeded the demand.

Journalist Yousef Al-Qahmi pointed out that the coalition bears its humanitarian responsibility in what the Yemeni people have achieved in terms of their hunger and moral and moral freedom in freeing them from the collapse of the national currency.

"If this is not tackled quickly, the suffering of the Yemeni people will be indestructibly exacerbated, and then terrorist groups will find fertile soil for them, and as a result, the Gulf States will not be safe," he said in a tweet. .

"The collapse of the national currency in Yemen will be paid by 27 million Yemenis in the north and south in the east and west It is strange that the collapse of the riyal has been going on for months and no country, no sister or friend, intervened to help Yemen, "wrote adviser Mokhtar Rahbi of the information minister.

"After two years of salary loss, the collapse of the currency and the collapse of the economy, most employees have exhausted their savings and sold their women's clothing to feed their families and fill their children's stomachs," he said.

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