Control of a fire in a tower in Ajman

Civil protection workers in Ajman have successfully extinguished a fire that broke out last night in the climate chamber of a residential tower on the Ajman Corniche.
The civilian defense teams were able to evacuate the entire population of the building, with the participation of fire brigades, the support of the Ajman police, the national aid, the federal electricity and water authority, the charity organization and the Red Crescent.
Brigadier General Abdulaziz Al Shamsi, Director General of the Ministry of Civil Protection, said that the Ajman civil protection platform yesterday received a notification that there was a fire in one of the residential towers on Ajman Corniche.
The fire broke out in the climate room on the 26th floor, causing air conditioners on the same floor and other parts of the tower to burn, smoke and 19 people were suffocated as a result of smoke inhalation; The National Ambulance on the spot, and the transfer of 5 moderate cases of elderly and a child to the Sheikh Khalifa hospital, for treatment.
The Ajman Charity Association participated in providing support to the victims of the fire, securing the exit of the families, in collaboration with the Ajman police and the Ministry of Civil Protection, according to Dr. Khalid Al-Khaja, Executive Director . (WAM)

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