Control of the wood and dyes of the wood factory in Ajman

Firefighters of the Civil Protection Directorate in Ajman have yesterday in the new industrial zone a medium-risk fire in a laboratory with paint and wood materials under control without causing casualties.

The fire brigade was accompanied by teams from the Civil Defense Center, the Civil Defense Center, Al Jarf Center, the General Directorate of Civil Defense, Sharjah Police, Ajman Police, Federal Electricity and Water Authority, National Aid and EMS.

Lieutenant Colonel Nawaf Ateeq, the prosecutor, said that firefighters rushed to the scene of fire as soon as they received the letter and began to extinguish the fire burning in the warehouse and the flames reaching the nearby warehouse.

He called on the duty officer to apply the requirements of prevention and safety and to permanently guarantee the safety of electrical conductors before they left the workplace and provided firefighters with civil servants.

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