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The cybercrime that resulted from the current information revolution is a major security problem that threatens the safety and security of all societies. It is a relatively new criminal phenomenon that is aimed at attacking the enormous data and information technology. It is a technical crime. which is secretly created by clever criminals who have the tools of technical knowledge. The crimes faced by the countries of the world, which threaten the security and stability of states, one of the means of extortion used in the penetration of people and institutions, and the penetration of banking systems and individuals and the organization of terrorist operations .

Protection efforts

The UAE set up the Federal Prosecution for Information Technology Crimes in the capital of Abu Dhabi to address the new crimes that are in line with technological developments. The Dubai police have launched a platform to receive e-mails from citizens in a smooth way, in cooperation with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and the Dubai e-Security Center. UAE efforts in the fight against cybercrime have extended borders and sponsored the Arab Gulf Conference on Forensic Science in Abu Dhabi, which discussed digital forensic science and their applications and the response to cybercrime. Crime to crime.
According to the decree, "a fine of no less than 500 dirhams, no more than two million dirhams, or one of these punishments will be punished with a prison sentence and a fine of no less than 500 dirhams, From the information network using a fictitious address , a return to others or in other ways, with the intention of committing a crime or preventing its discovery.
The heavy punishment of cyber criminals is meant to prevent this type of crime: anyone who bypasses the internet protocol by making an imaginary account is guilty of a crime that can cost a maximum of two million dirhams.

Security awareness

About the role played by the police to curb these crimes, the Dubai Police Investigation and Criminal Investigation Department last year closed 12 thousand Internet links related to accounts through social networking sites and other drugs and counterfeit medicines, and links to penetrate phones by sending malicious programs, Via e-patrols launched a few years ago and successfully passed in cleaning locations in collaboration with the telecommunications regulatory authority in the country, and last year dealt with 1256 cases related to cybercrime .
In the first half of this year, 27 security awareness colleges were held about the dangers of blackmail. , Of which 3219 people benefit.
The Electronic Crime Control Department of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation in Abu Dhabi dealt with prominent cases involving 774 electronic cases, including 206 extortion cases in 2017.
It was based on the best international practices and norms to serve as a valuable and proven guide against criminal and traditional offenders by providing full, credible reports that contribute to justice.

Service «Rest assured»

The organized crime department of the Ministry of Investigation and Criminal Investigation at the General Command of the Al Quwain Police launched a safe service. to prevent organized crime and extortion, to build a bridge between the police and members of the community.
Last year the service helped to rescue 70 girls of different nationalities who were exposed to extortion via Instagram, of which the most prominent was sexual exploitation by retrieving the victim's data from the blackmailer and then starting the extortion process, causing the victim to commit suicide. , Where he worked in total secrecy within 48 hours, according to an official source in the Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation General Command of Umm al-Qaiwain police, who confirmed that the most prominent victims of sexual extortion are a person who doctorate of a man outside the state, photographed and then blackmail.
The same source said the service received 103 reports last year, 70% of them women, and was treated with complete confidentiality, and citizens are the majority in filing communications, followed by Arab nationalities.

Methods of protection

Experts and legal experts told Al-Khaleej that the reality of cybercrime requires more awareness, disseminating protection methods, immunization of society and tightening of punishments on the other. Behind unreliable links. They stressed that the UAE is one of the first Arab countries to adopt independent legislation to combat IT crimes, including crimes committed through social media.
"Cybercrime is illegal behavior using electronic devices, resulting in criminal and material benefits, where the victim is accused of a corresponding loss," said Abdullah al-Kaabi, a lawyer and lawyer. "The purpose of these crimes is often to hack or steal information, Electronic crime is a violation against individuals or groups that are motivated by a violation, or an intention to directly or indirectly harm the victim's reputation.
He added that the elimination of these crimes is subject to the consciousness of society and not to silence, because it encourages perpetrators to continue to hunt for victims, emphasizing the importance of consciousness through the use of social network sites to prevent them from falling into the hands of criminals.
He said the UAE was one of the first Arab countries to adopt an independent law to fight IT crimes, including crimes committed through social media. However, this type of crime, in particular content crimes, has increased considerably with the ease and speed of hand destruction. And the ease of hiding and even easily committing these crimes, often included by the perpetrator under the right to express his opinion, forgetting that this constitutional right has a ceiling, is not contrary to the rights of others.

Continuous development

According to lawyer Iman Rifai, cyber crime develops quickly and quickly with the development of information technology and notes that the impact of such crimes can lead to disruption of business and the corrupt society.
She added that the ignorance of the use of modern technology passed through part of the blessing to the curse, noting that the perpetrators of these crimes are individuals and groups, and sometimes countries, and motives and different goals, whether it is terrorism , or violation of privacy, and others, and there are organizations and institutions that harm private counterparts, the result is that the different tools and modern methods are becoming increasingly complicated and require a great effort to confront them.
"The worldwide number of cybercriminals is increasing and the resistance and reduction cases are increasing and are more successful, but one breakthrough or two breakthroughs can have a major impact," she said. Continuous updating of systems was important to close the technical gaps that can be exploited by the perpetrator of the crime.

Dissemination of legal culture

Dr. Jalal Hatem, president of the UAE-Canada College, believes that the legal culture between the sexes must be spread and that the use of modern technology by smart devices and other devices is not easy. That is why the UAE legislator has drawn up a special deterrent. The highest fines can be found in the Electronic Crimes Act.
He pointed out the importance of the role of the media in informing people about the law and to make them aware of the danger of accessing social networking sites, pointing out that a large number of details about his daily life in his home and bedroom publishes and publishes his photo in the air, held by those who hunt in these photos & try to access the owners in many ways, here the importance of the role of parents is emphasized, and the need for knowledge and knowledge of the means of modern technology, which some of our young people are still dealing with negatively, superficially and recklessly, recklessly.
He also pointed out that many people have depicted his cell phone in the street in case of accidents or other, and this is a crime that is punishable under the law, because impersonating a person without his permission is a fine.

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