«Dubai for the owners of Hammam» honors the partners in the success of the summer activity

Dubai Club has held a ceremony in honor of the success partners of sponsoring institutions, contributors and volunteers in the summer activity organized by the club under the slogan "Zayed" and lasted more than five weeks in a row, and the more than 300 participants of different ages and nationalities.
The closing ceremony was attended by Mohammed Abdulkarim Julfar, vice president of the Dubai Club for the owners of Al Hamam, Hassan Al Mazroui, board member and Fawzia Al Balushi, executive director for cultural and community programs and activities and chairman of the organizing committee for summer holidays.
After a video presentation of the 180 events and workshops presented to the participants, Julfar honored the sponsors of the activity: Municipality of Dubai, Dubai Police, Federal Electricity and Water Authority, Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Foundation, Dubai Department of Economic Development, Dubai Academy for Entrepreneurship, Dubai Road and Transport Authority, Dubai Development Authority, Dubai Development Authority, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority, Watani Foundation UAE, Circle UAE Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of the Higher Education, Ministry of Environment, Almarai Club, Al-Ahli Horseback Riding Club, Modhesh World, Dubai Dubai, Fabi Land, Fox Cinema, Dolphins, Al Ahli Driving Center, National Corporation for Trade and Development, Al Reem Medical Center, Dolphin Sports, Futtaim Art, Umm Isa Kitchen Besides volunteers they are: Quest Al-Amri, Jassem Al-Awadhi, Hala Bana, Sheri ne Naim, Sherine Youssef Sayed and Zina Samadi.
"We are honored to witness a significant increase in the number of participants in this year's summer activities, reaching 300, an increase of more than 50% over last year's 195 participants, both men and women. 5 days a week.
"This year's summer activity was marked by an increase in the number of events, including sports, cultural, recreational, educational and scientific activities, as well as technical workshops that stimulate the creativity and innovation of the participants in our stakeholders.

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