Dubai wants to build the world's first hyperblop

The Dubai-based newspaper CNN reported that Dubai is actively working to build the world's first hyperlube, adding that the emirate has the potential to do so.

"Dubai is actively seeking to build the world's first hyperlube, especially since it has the ingredients," CNN said in a posting published by the Dubai government's public information office through its official Twitter account. Virgin HyperLink is setting up an office in Dubai that will be the first outside the United States.

In February, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) unveiled the prototype of the first hyperbolic design in the world, in collaboration with Virgin Hyperlink One.

This is a translation of Dubai's Intelligent Self Leadership strategy, which aims to turn 25% of Dubai's total traffic into self-driving by 2030 through different transport routes and integrate mass transit and happiness for the population. . The design of the prototype of the hyperlube with its interior finishes in luxury and luxury, and was equipped with the latest technologies for the transfer and presentation of information and entertainment.

The Heberlop technology, an electromagnetic propulsion system to accelerate passenger and freight transport, is used via an empty air tube. The system is designed to easily lift the vehicle out of the track and move it at speeds up to 1200 kilometers per hour. The Hyperlink can travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi In 12 minutes it can carry 10,000 passengers in both directions every hour.

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