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Saturday, September 1, 2018 4.45 am This new technological revolution has created the urgent need to develop information systems in all sectors of life in accordance with the technological, social and economic developments that are increasing every day, to take advantage of the positive effects of this revolution. The future will be evidence of the further development of information systems after these systems are connected to satellites and the world is entering a new era – the era of electronics.

If man is the life of God of science, the bomber of this technological revolution of the current, which is in the human soul, is good for the good if he was suspected of it and if he was inclined, he was not there when he reaped the positive benefits of this revolution and its implications for different aspects of life, but exploited it with the mischief of discovering many new criminal methods that have facilitated many crimes. Man has committed many crimes against people and money and against the economic, political and military secrets of the state. It is no wonder that the greater dependence on computers on the economic and administrative level leads to the risk of fraud, espionage, theft and deliberate destruction,

Whether it involves entering data on the computer when communicating data with the users, storing data until it is used or illegally entering these computers through the intrusion of their own programs.

And manipulation of data stored in it, even if deliberate murders are committed using external networks.

The danger of this new type of crime is that it can cross the limits of space and it is difficult to calculate the time. And that the place can exceed the material values ​​as moral values ​​that are not touched by hands and not seen through the eyes, such as computer programs & # 39; s and stored data.

The main feature of modern information technology is that it relies on the conversion of data or data that are elusive from one form to another, either by processing using electronic means or by moving it from one place to another. move. Electronic means developed

Can exacerbate man not only because it will hurt him and damage the new crimes that result from it, but also because it will facilitate and expand the areas of transgression that enable his private life to obtain his personal secrets and financial secrets but these methods can also violate the professional and economic secrets of institutions and companies There is no doubt that the enormous development of the Internet and the spread of small computers have led the threat of individual liberties to aggression, and that finding the right Control means to prevent this risk in time, not the person of this era K invades He can not take advantage of modern technology in communication in the further eavesdropping and snooping on the private life of his sex using electronic precision, allowing their private life and their financial secrets are possible without Hijab And beyond exacerbates the seriousness of this case that the penal provisions applied are not sufficient to protect the inviolability of private life against attacks with the help of developed electronic means,

According to the general rules, this attack is not punishable under Criminal Law unless it is associated with a special place. The storage of information about persons and their inclusion in this way is not subject to impurity according to the general rules. It is sufficient to point out that through the use of the computer, that the private life of man is stripped of all barriers or reinforcements

So we see that the communication revolution has produced many electronic means that have led to the emergence of new types of crimes that differ in terms of their place and in the way they commit to conventional crimes, which led to the creation of many problems

We have been waiting a lot for the issuance of laws and laws that can deal with the crimes created by electronic means and their applications, via the Internet or mobile phones and smartly, these crimes are very dangerous and affect society in their youth and economy, and even bring out rumors and spread the scandalous actions, The manipulation of their statements and contracts and transactions via the Internet, and the deputies of freedom and justice called quickly to discuss the legislation to adopt a law to fight modern crimes, there is no doubt that the Arab Republic of Egypt is the referee in many important issues,

Action on many crimes has proved inadequate in the criminal justice system. This is attributed to the inadequacy or inadequacy of the necessary tools to achieve these objectives, including the shortcomings in legislation in combating crimes such as the crimes of information technology, which figuratively electronic crimes.

No one denies that the progress of countries in the modern era is measured by the development of electronic information systems, because it helps to encourage and facilitate transactions and electronic correspondence, which contributes to the rapid completion of business transactions and banks and other contribute to the strengthening of the national economy.

Failure to combat electronic crimes and tighten control of the perpetrators could paralyze such transactions, adversely affecting investment activities and the national economy. That is why many countries are interested in issuing legislation to combat cybercrime, not only in Western countries, but also in many developing countries. Some Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, have already preceded us in this area and have issued integrated legislation on combating IT crimes, Federal Law No 2 of 2006. Unfortunately, this development has not yet damaged Egypt's legislation.

One of the challenges to the criminal justice system in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which has not been developed long under the former regime, both with regard to the substantive rules on criminalization, punishment or procedural rules, resulting in its inability to prosecute serious and modern electronic crimes. Often linked to corruption offenses, leading to the loss and smuggling of foreign funds and the inability of the criminal justice system in its current form of recovery. The problem of national security is a priority

The existence of awareness and culture for the safe use of sites for discussions and chatting through the collection of certain information or indirect recruitment of young people, and some applications and software for foreign companies may be unintentionally used by government agencies in the operation of networks and computers that are vulnerable to penetration

And the transfer of sensitive information through programs and applications with indirect objectives such as the collection of population data in Egypt and their combinations or a specific feature in the community and the extent to which some sites can classify the personal data of users, and the coordination of information and linked to national security, such as the issue of diesel and gas and benzene data, is collected and categorized Zaki May damage Egyptian national security.

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