Eid al-Adha deserves a special greeting

"At Eid al-Adha our children deserve a special greeting in the field of law and duty and in the field of humanitarian giving, and they spend these blessed days in defense of the nation to defend its flag and defend its neutrality, or to provide assistance to the needy, away from the family, family and loved ones.

"They are noble symbols, embodying the original values ​​of the state, its policies and orientations, and they are also an honorable façade, representing the dignity of the people of the UAE in all its categories, and a shining model for our youth. that flows into his blood, "said Al-Ittihad newspaper Wednesday. His homeland and loyalty to his leadership. "

"They are a brief expression of the most important thing the UAE offers the world to assist in meeting challenges at all levels: Military forces trained and equipped with the best capabilities and equipment to defend justice and respond to aggression," and "soft power" represented by human capacities.

"Our wise leadership never forgets these heroes, their brave soldiers who witness their achievements, their glorious victories, their triumphant journey and their unlimited gifts in every arena, to fulfill the duty," said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President and Prime Minister of the UAE. Ruler of Dubai and Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan, crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy commander-in-chief of the UAE forces, who are always ready to support them and raise their morals to complete the proud march with honorable positions flying the flag of the UAE.

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