Elington wins four Dubai Property Awards 2018

10 09 2018

The Dubai Properties Awards 2018, which will be held in collaboration with the Dubai Land Department, will be held at the Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah Hotel on October 11th. The prize will be awarded to Ellington, where the company will receive the awards from four categories.

The prices have been highly challenged by leading real estate developers, with Elington winning the & # 39; Best Single Property & # 39; prize for & # 39; Villa 181 & # 39; in the Emirates Hills: Best Interior Design for a house model for the flagship project & # 39; Bulgaria Heights & # 39; Jumeirah.

Elington is also recognized for the category & # 39; Best bathroom design & # 39; in his Downtown DT1 project, a milestone in the design aesthetics of all the features it develops so that people can fully enjoy it Modern life.

The fourth prize is the best interior design for an office, which was won by the head office of the company in the business district of Dubai.

Nitin Bhattnagar, founder of Elington, said: "We are delighted that our company has won this recognition with the Dubai Properties 2018 Awards, emphasizing the strong efforts and dedication of our team to the highest standards of excellence at all levels since first launch, for «Elington» in 2014.

We remain committed to realizing our long-term vision for developing high-quality living space and modern experiences that meet the needs of both buyers and investors, which has resulted in winning these four prestigious awards, which we see as a new stimulus for us to continue to develop high-quality projects to meet the growing demand for high-quality properties with exceptional designs. "

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