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Sharjah: Zakia Kurdi

It is not a long-term holiday, and not only for tourists, it is not only for tourists, it is not only for tourists, but also for tourists. It is designed as a place of entertainment that attracts the resident before the tourist, and also the children for the adults, because these people of the UAE at the top of their list of entertainment options, especially on holidays and short breaks, would like to several hotels nearby and inherit, and the participation of their children these moments of nature one For the luxurious and welcoming United Arab Emirates, which distinguishes it from all hotels in the world.
Hotels and resorts are, according to Karima Belkas, a "housewife", a favorite destination for many families in the UAE, she has an excellent reputation for service, which makes her an exceptional experience in a luxury life that attracts young people for adults. We have a plan to travel on Eid, so that the Eid holiday does not go by without us booking in a resort that we have always visited, it offers many entertainment options, from swimming pools to water games, good restaurants, football and tennis courts,.
Because of his experience in many countries, Ruwad Daabous, project manager of the SME club, confirms that hotels in the UAE are the first in the world in terms of their services, their hospitality and the provision of exceptional entertainment services. He explains that competition in the entertainment facilities in the UAE makes the duty ceiling high for hotels, so they want to win the satisfaction of their customers with entertainment services, as well as good treatment.
Hossam Ashrafy agrees with "marketing officer", following an incident he had experienced with him years ago, a hotel employee ignored his request to decorate the room he had booked to prepare for an occasion due to the overcrowding of their time bookings. "This care and attention to guest satisfaction is difficult to get in another country," he says. "Therefore, hotels in the UAE are a popular entertainment choice for many families because we have a great relaxing experience and for an affordable price.
Manal Ghanem, a housewife, says that anyone who has experience with hotels in different countries knows that there is no comparison with the services and treatments he enjoys in hotels in Emirates, even in the world's best hotels.
"In fact, the hotels are tourist attractions that reflect the beautiful cultural face of this country," she says. "It is like the spirit of the UAE with its grandeur and lifestyle, so it makes sense to attract residents on vacation and vacation.
She says that sometimes she stays at her parents' homes at the request of her children; young people find many recreational opportunities in hotels, such as games, swimming pools, clubs and everything they seek;
Bojan Kalujira, director of Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, said: "We would like to offer excellent services and we strive to provide guests with an excellent accommodation experience that they can enjoy and helps attract large numbers of visitors.
He added: "We pay a lot of attention to the children, and we want to offer them activities and activities that improve mobility skills and social awareness.

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