Emirates News – Rashid Hospital to recover 140 truncated members annually

Head of the Hand Surgery and Microscopy Department at Rashid Hospital in Dubai. Khalid Abdullah Al-Awadhi revealed that approximately 140 operations are performed every year on the return of the wounded members to the bodies of their owners, while work injuries, accidents and child abuse are the main reasons. Successful operations of this type within a week, finally.

Al Awadhi told Emirates Al-Youm that the hospital recently received three cases, with the fingers completely cut, including two cases of injury to the employees. The third child closed the door of his garden and confirmed that a high-level medical team performed the three operations with an average time of four hours per operation, confirming that Rashid Hospital is one of the most important centers for this kind of critical surgery. and regional.

"Regenerating agents are one of the most difficult and complicated procedures for reconnecting nerves, arteries and tissues, some of which are not seen to the naked eye, they are treated by microscopes and require great physician skill in the operating room. , enabling the patient to restore the organ, to function just as efficiently as before the amputation ».

Most cases that are referred to the hospital's emergency department and transferred to the surgical department to deal with are partial amputations of a member of the body at a rate of 100 cases per year, while the total amputation of the member about 40 cases per year. , And road accidents, as well as the random treatment of children with the doors of the house, and lifts, which affects them by total amputation or injury to the fingers or feet.

He stressed the importance of a quick orientation to the hospital in the case of partial or total amputation, where the process should be performed within a period of five to six hours of injury, in order not to be exposed to the damaged member and then difficult to recover. times, and is required to return some members such as the forearm. In case the injury is performed within one hour after the injury, the medical team connects the vein via an artificial tube and returns the organ as quickly as possible.

He explained: "We continuously follow patients in the specialized clinics in the Rashid Hospital, and patients receive physiotherapy and rehabilitation after the operation in the specialized physiotherapy center».

He pointed out that "one of the cases where the medical team was ultimately an Asian woman who played the game known as (tug-of-war) with her friends, and wrapped the rope around her finger, and when the game began, and during the pull and pull the finger completely cut, The doctors of the Rashid hospital return him by a very complicated operation, so that the exercise of life normally after ».

He said the hospital also treated a child, closed the iron garden door on his younger finger and ensured that it was amputated. He was transferred from a government hospital under his permit to the Rashid Hospital, becoming one of the largest medical centers in this area. specialty.

• Work victims, accidents and child abuse are the most prominent causes of the list of "amputees".

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