Emirates News Today – Al Budaiya Bridge Project is partially opened to facilitate traffic

The project is a bridge that combines the Emirates and Sharjah streets – Malihah the fast. From the source

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development partially opened the Al Budaiya bridge project for traffic to reduce congestion and coincided with the start of the 2018-2019 school year as a vital artery and main bridge linking various vital areas and congestion on the Emirates Road. Reduce. Between Sharjah and Dubai.

The Minister for Infrastructure Development, Dr. ir. Scary. Abdullah bin Mohammed Balheif Al Nuaimi, said that the partial opening will be followed by an official opening of the project in the coming years and that the ministry is fully prepared to receive development comments and questions regarding the project through the approved channels,, And improves road safety in accordance with UAE Vision 2021.

He pointed out that the importance of the project lies in the fact that it forms a vital hub that connects Dubai with the UAE in the north of the country and supports the road network in the UAE and that the implementation of the project is part of the comprehensive road network. – and bridging network to meet the increasing traffic, Different areas of the state, and meet the needs of the population.

Al-Naimi said that the development of the Al-Budaiya bridge increases the capacity of the road by twice as much as before to reach 17,700 vehicles per hour, while the capacity of the slide is increased by three times to 2500 vehicles per hour. This will contribute to increasing the capacity of approximately 6,000 vehicles per hour, and ending the problem of friction with trucks, in addition to building a bridge to Sharjah with three lanes and capacity of 6000 vehicles to address the problem of the sliding road to solve.

Al Nuaimi pointed out that the project is a bridge between the Emirates and Sharjah – Melihah highways, and it is considered an important traffic point because it is one of the five crossroads between Sharjah and Dubai. It is important because it has a high traffic capacity because of the large lanes. It has six lanes on Emirates Road and three on Sharjah Malihah Road.

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