Emirates News Today – The "identity and nationality" begins with the procedures for implementing the decision to remain a long-term pensioner

The federal authority for identity and nationality has confirmed that it has started to develop the policies and procedures required to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers to grant special privileges to the pensioners in accordance with the conditions and criteria who guarantee them, who are primarily focused on ensuring a decent life for them and saving them poverty and distress. By the relevant authorities.

Noting that the decision also includes foreign nationals who have reached the age of 55 or older, whether they live in the government or in the private sector and offer them the opportunity to remain long-term and the environment to invest their savings and profits through a stable and healthy financial system and quality.


Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, chairman of the federal authority for identity and nationality, said that the decision of the Council of Ministers to grant visa rights to persons over fifty-five years allows them to stay in the country for a long time is a veritable embodiment of the highest meanings of solidarity and solidarity with a class of beloved members of society and brothers in humanity In recognition and appreciation of their experiences and experiences.

Where they remain an integral part of the state's social fabric, which constantly enriches their giving, care and attention and lives the decent life that every citizen and resident enjoys.

He stressed that the UAE would remain faithful to all those who lived on its land and contributed to its reconstruction and development, and that he wanted the kindness and appreciation of every effort in the context of his triumphant journey, small or large, preserve. And in the forefront of respect for human dignity and hospitality and the return of beauty and honor of giving.


He said that this benevolent homeland every day shows its sharpness to strengthen the social solidarity approach, which is based on non-pastimes, oppressed or homeless on its territory, and that it remains a refuge for those seeking stability in life and family , offering them a standard of living that protects their dignity and preserves their humanity. They have the trouble to seek shelter.


He also praised the wise vision of his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State of Qatar, who pays the same attention to the economic and humanitarian aspects of the various initiatives he takes to not influence each other.

He pointed out that the recent decision will have a positive impact on the level of social stability, as well as on its contribution to improving the competitiveness of the UAE economy and providing a favorable environment for attracting and retaining expertise and competences. in different aspects of civil renaissance, improving the reputation of the UAE as a modern state respecting the values ​​of human civilization. Coexistence and brotherhood between everyone.

He pointed out that the decision came in recognition of the UAE for this category and expressed his appreciation for the value of work and tender and the confirmation of his leadership that they will not forget the contributions made in the course.

And will always be keen to receive all care and care by giving them the opportunity to continue their lives in the country and to benefit from the economic and investment opportunities it offers and the safe environment, stable and advanced systems that provided in various fields.


Brigadier General Saeed Rakan Al-Rashdi, Director General for Immigration and Executives at the Federal Identity and National Identity Authority, confirmed that the Authority will use all its resources and mobilize its frameworks to allow the Council of Ministers' decision to grant special privileges. to people over 55 years of age.

This decision comes as a new link to the series of decisions taken by the Council of Ministers since the beginning of this year to surprise the residents of the UAE and its visitors. And his goals.

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