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Sunday, August 26

A window on the world – Yemen, the happy Aden – Essam Lutf

In the context of the year 2018 AD and under the auspices of the whole of the # Crescent – Red – UAE – Aden – and on the Corniche of the martyr Jafar in Khor Maksar and the small park of Brega, and the Elephant Resort in Al Tawahi , in the interim capital Aden and a number of provinces yesterday closed activities of the Festival of the owners of Hamam, that began three to five days ago Eid al – Adha.

The director of humanitarian operations in Yemen said: "Saeed Al-Ka" abi "has achieved positive results for every work that is planned and clearly established in advance. "With regard to the Eid Al-Adha program in Yemen, local authorities, civil society, youth and society as a whole have successfully completed and finalized the program: Aden, Abyan, Lahj, Dali, Taiz and Hodeidah (west coast) where we performed about (18) activities and festival qualitatively and purposefully, including "Hmmm" and "Hilal Aden 3" and "Hilal Makha" and "Eidkm Khokha" and "camel races" Introducing joy in Yemeni hearts, reviving and highlight the Yemeni heritage and manifestations Social life and the integration of people with disabilities into society by enabling them to participate and give them a large space in the events, in addition to creating employment for the target, by selling example booths and job offers that are made available to them based on their capabilities and with the help of their family and relatives.

Al-Kaabi explained that the sharpness of the UAE on humanitarian work – the Red Crescent of the UAE – about the joy of Eid in the spaces around their city and neighboring countries and gathered, to highlight the characteristics and community scenes and the aesthetic panel. show, reflect the face of urban civilization and culture and promote the values ​​of co-existence and peace, And we have used recreational activities to provide psychological support to the populations of the areas liberated from the militias, such as aging and the brain, and taking advantage of it as an event and a meaningful and fruitful activity to serve people with special needs and help them integrate with the community and connect them with small projects. And works that are suitable for each person's abilities and receive a source of income from them to carry out their future life according to the merger were coordinated and prepared in stages with civil society organizations that provided and specialized in this segment and all those steps and factors have been successful.

The festival focused on people who needed help and attention for people with special needs, blind, deaf and dumb, children of needy families and disabled people from the Mine Action Center Teams

A number of social figures and civil society officials in Aden welcomed the Red Crescent of the UAE, which deals with the needs of reality in a thoughtful way and works by offering help and assistance to contribute.
In finding solutions and treatments, emphasizing that this is not new for a country on the basis of good and humanitarian work, and expressing their thanks and appreciation for all efforts in various fields.

A number of children present thanked the Emirat Al Khair and the Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates for organizing the festive events that contributed to the joy and joy in their hearts.


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