Follow-up tours of new factories in Abu Dhabi

26 08 2018

The Industrial Development Bureau of the Department of Economic Development (Abu Dhabi) continued its field visits to the new plants that came into production this year in Abu Dhabi. The delegation visited a number of factories in the third industrial city of Abu Dhabi with a total investment of 520 million AED.

Ahmed Hilal Al Baloushi, Acting Director of the Industrial Development Bureau, stressed the willingness of the Abu Dhabi government to provide all forms of support to investors in the industrial sector by offering them many benefits and incentives that enable them to make their investments a valuable addition to the Abu Dhabi economy. Achieving the goals of the economic development hub in the Abu Dhabi plan.

He said that the Office of Industry Development would like to monitor the performance of new plants going into production through frequent visits to the team to see their needs and needs and to find the appropriate support and enable them to make their projects successful and to achieve the highest competitiveness figures in the industrial sector.

In this connection, Ahmed Al Balushi emphasized the sharpness of the Ministry of Economic Development to provide technical advice and support for the export of the products of these factories, thereby contributing to the improvement of the export of the emirate.

The delegation of the Industrial Development Agency informed the officials of the new factories that went into production about the nature of the work in these factories and about the production and marketing mechanisms of their products from the arrival of the product to the production stages and sales and marketing on local and foreign markets.

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