For lovers of sleep .. Dubai has a competition and these are the conditions and prices

The emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates holds a special competition, aimed at lovers of heavy sleep and long hours, without fear or fear. Eventually the winner will receive a special prize

The annual furniture, Indyx, the family business and the sleeping mats "De Roche", and the conditions of the game to sleep racer in the fairground, a deep sleep is not affected by thousands of visitors of the exhibition.

It is supposed to select 4 people from the applicants to participate in the competition, and they should send stories to the strangest experiences of their sleep in a subject of 150 words.

To receive the surplus The contest is based on a new bed and mattress available from De Rocchi, where the company knows what the participant fits through the company's digital bedding selection system.

The contest was motivated by a research at the University of Michigan in the United States that 90 of the population of the United Arab Emirates, do not have enough sleep at night, and the "Sleep Health Foundation" that the important factor of sleep well back to the bed mattress selected and the suitability for our bodies.

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