Governor Socotra: There is no disagreement between the local government and the octagonal role of the Emirati sister on the island

The mayor of the province of Socotra met Ramzi Mahrous this morning with elders, dignitaries and social figures.

At the beginning of the ceremony was attended by sheikhs, dignitaries and social figures, Socotra here, Mahrous social dignitaries came to Eid al-Adha,

Mahrous made an official statement from the Governor's problems in recent days and some rumors and accusations covering the street and the social networking sites and some of the sites of the majority to spread the Alcqatari row.

Mahrous looked at the differences in electricity in the province. "I stopped the announcement of another director-general of the Akram Ghattani power company for administrative reasons, we were amazed to put out electricity for hours and discovered that the cause of the extinguishing of a Filipino engineer was deliberately powered by the director of Dixam Abu. Maryam placed and we arrested him to make the power plant work

Mahrous added: "We do not want to glorify people and do not diminish that our people simply want the truth without enlarging or reducing it."

He also said : "The phase that the province is undergoing is the stage of cohesion and stability and cohesion of society. Abandonment of violence, demolition, dissemination, dissemination and promise (19659004) Mahrous stressed the need to work on unity and circumvention of legitimacy and political leadership represented by His Excellency President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and security and preservation of national values ​​and high principles and rejected all calls for ripping and difference

Mahrous stressed the importance of cohesion of work and cooperation in favor of the province and to keep it away from conflicts and calls for the splitting and disagreement and standing for someone who begs himself to mess with the interests of the province.

Denied the governor of Ramzi Mahrous province rumors rumors (19659004) says that our relationship with the UAE is good and excellent and that there is no dispute between the local authorities and the UAE

and that what has been published is not true is for him and the media and the pioneers of sites (19659004), emphasizing that the offices of the local government are open to the brotherhood of the UAE and the UAE have the honor for God in providing assistance to human and development people in the province

and Mahrous have announced Lal to meet with the sheikhs of Socotra, Solomon Shloulha, who had been appointed as sheik of Sheikhs after it became clear that he was busy with inciting the local authorities and called the sheiks to choose a new sheik that the governor

had not taken official decision by the sheikhs and eyewitnesses and social figures for their great appreciation (19459008) and the di Director of the security of the province of Brigadier Ali Ahmad Rajadhi
and the staff of Major General Marzah Bahri, Colonel Nasser Qais
and the Director of the National Security Service Brigadier General Corner Ahmed Saad
and the Director of the governor's officer
and the director of the naval position Colonel Ali Salemin
and a number of directors of executive offices and some military leaders

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