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Government schools at all stages of education for girls and boys at state level apply uniform school uniforms, from the new school year 2018-2019, to promote the values ​​of equality and justice among students, a sense of national responsibility and involvement in the involvement of students to develop in schools and societies, to hear the positive relationship between students and their feeling at the school community, and to promote the values ​​of virtue and positive behavior of students, to offer uniform uniforms characterized by indecent and the originality of society and reflect its relationship, and compliance with customs and traditions.
Since the beginning of this month, the ministry has opened centers to provide uniforms throughout the year to access all uniforms at any time during the school year. Parents can also purchase uniforms from any area, uniforms are uniform for all schools .
The uniform uniform of public school students at state level places the logo of the Ministry of Education on the left: uniform uniform helps to create positive attitudes towards the school system, increases the values ​​of loyalty and social responsibility and relieves the suffering of parents through time to save money and save money, to buy uniforms for their children and daughters, to make one of the elements of the school environment attractive, to achieve the equality and fairness of the students, and to achieve harmony in appearance, as well as to create the right psychological atmosphere and provide motivation for students to exercise, Uniform in an atmosphere of an awareness of the importance of sport, which is part of the educational program, and the safety of the students, and the health of their body and their bodies, through the uniform in which safety, health and safety elements are available.
The Ministry of Education emphasized that the importance of a uniform new uniform for students is to unify the overall appearance of all students at the state level, because it reflects the identity and connection of students in government schools, and the uniform summer and winter designs, equality of all students achieve,, And the designs of the new uniform, taking into account the nature of the atmosphere in the region, in addition to the multitude of choices and modern designs, making the school an integrated unit in the general image of students or students, and improves their positive behavior.
The Ministry's guide on the new school uniform that parents have the choice between more than one design in accordance with their wishes, taking the uniform from kindergarten class students and first grade, to fourth grade (men), in two options; Long sleeve, trousers and tie, winter coat and winter coat, and a short-sleeved shirt, shorts, winter coat and jacket.
The girls' schools offer two options for first class: the first is a long-sleeved shirt, a school lab and a winter coat, the second option consists of a long-sleeved shirt, a skirt and a scarf, plus a winter coat and jacket.
For the second and third class students, the first option consists of a long-sleeved shirt, a maryl, a winter coat and a scarf. The second option is a shirt with long sleeves and a skirt, as well as a winter coat and a jacket.
"The school uniform is influenced by all social and cultural changes that take place in society, as an essential part of the school environment," said Fatima al-Hosani, a school secretary, noting that in the light of the Ministry's interest in uniforming student uniforms. , Is part of the components of the school system, which contributes to improving the educational climate that stimulates learning and performance.
The unified school uniform and sports uniform will facilitate individual transfer during the school year, from school to school, and provide the effort and money to the guardian, and contribute to the lack of exaggeration and waste of accessories in bags and clothing.
The colors of the new outfit are limited to kohl and cyan and the new design is gender specific and of different ages. The uniform specifications will be suitable and comfortable, allowing freedom of movement and the quality of the available fabrics on the market at reasonable prices.
The new uniform is characterized by many specifications: the emblem of the Ministry of Education is embroidered on the canvas, taking into account the cavities. The logo is placed on the left upper side of the uniform The uniform contains uniform summer and winter designs, including jackets and sportswear.
"The uniform is equal between students, and reduces the phenomenon of negative competition in the purchase of uniforms, reducing the pressure and burden on families and developing positive values ​​for them, and the character of the student is developed, noting that the change in school uniform, the secondary phase did not become significant (male and female), taking into account each stage that the specifications are suitable and comfortable for students, and guarantees freedom of movement, especially for young ages.
Hoda Sheikh, director of Fatima Bint Mubarak School, secondly, that the new outfit has several advantages, the most important being attractive to students, and stimulates them at every stage, and ensures everyone's equality, and stimulates and stimulates the student in the younger age, And to easily distinguish students from each stage.
In the second episode, Minas student Al-Fatih Said confirmed that the uniformity of the student uniform preserves the privacy of the school campus and strengthens the sense of belonging and loyalty to the state, and encourages systematic behavior in accordance with the general educational goals. Harmonic color, and makes it distinctive outside the school than other elements of society.
Um Mohammed said she had received school uniforms for her eighth grade daughter easily and that she had been given the school mat according to the size of her daughter, but some parents found the uniforms in the Ministry's sales centers, which are suitable for some children, not. Obesity forces their parents to buy clothes and adjust them in sewing workshops.
The price of female students in kindergarten up to and including grade 12 is AED 90 and the shirt is AED 40, while the price of the pants for KGs up to the fourth grade is AED 50 for the shirt and AED 50 for the pants.
The ministry provided the uniforms for kindergarten students in two options: the first was a long-sleeved shirt, trousers and tie, a winter coat and a winter coat, the second was a shirt with short sleeves and shorts, plus a winter coat and jacket .
The first is a long-sleeved shirt, a school lab and a winter coat. The second option consists of a shirt with long sleeves, a skirt and a scarf, plus a winter jacket and jacket. The second option is a long-sleeved shirt, a maryola, a winter coat and a scarf. The second option is a shirt with long sleeves and a skirt, plus a winter jacket and jacket.

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