How to rejoice in Eid?

The people of Burke are fond of the industry of joy and fighting against the makers of death. And a greeting to our brave soldiers on the fronts of their duty

in the biography of his inexperienced journey of forgetfulness of inexhaustible tender positions, tireless love and unrequited passion. Sheikh Zayed stayed in the hearts of those who knew him and those whom he did not know, about whom he lived and what he heard about, because he simply liked to see joy in the eyes of others.

It was known that he had gone on an inspection trip to Abu Dhabi for Eid. Her husband is in prison in the case of debts and financial claims.

It became an annual custom with the rulers of the Emirates in Makarim Eid, who did not stop, Faka al-Ani, and spent the rest of his life. For religion, help the needy. In a country that can rejoice in Eid and create joy.

The rulers of the Emirates in Eid are the councils of the people and the clan. Where the sons of the homeland will be presented to the great family and they will receive, congratulate and bless.

The efforts of the official Hajj campaign of the state are not on a different road, just like the Ministry of the Interior in its administration of traffic and traffic, and all the institutions of society that made the holiday a party in place of a vacation. They are all in line with the same vision and are driven by the same orientation. The founder's orientation and vision on leadership

When the UAE looks at happiness and makes it an essential pillar in the life of society, it is aware that happiness encompasses all aspects of personality: spiritual, social, economic and politics.

The first thing you have to do is stick to the thought that society has produced, wanted and agreed, not to get out or escape from it. Those who flee the holiday travels tell them the words of a wise traveler: "The person who does not love the place from which he traveled will not like the place he is traveling to." The second thing we recommend is to draw a smile on your face and make it on the lips of the ocean. You are doing well, and as far as you go away, you are a good rational person. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is on holiday in Kerala, praises her men and sympathizes with the difficult situation of her children because of the difficult weather and the loss of life and property.

Death Makers. And a tribute to our brave soldiers on the fronts of their duty.

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