Imprisoned for five years accused of taking a bank account with a trick

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The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced five Asian nationals to five years in prison and imposed 150,000 dirhams fines on Asian suspects, one of whom was a fugitive who was convicted in absentia after being convicted of counterfeiting, a bank account for a businessman and his full balance. of about 860,000 dirhams had been stolen.

The victim (from the nationality of an Asian country and resident in Dubai) was surprised to include all amounts in his balance sheet while he was abroad, and when he informed the bank he discovered that the checks were Defendant in his name had been issued to bypass one of the telecommunication companies and the bank. One of the defendants was referred to me and the other in absentia to the criminal court.

According to investigations, the defendants wrongly assigned an authorized representative to the Dubai courts issued by the victim in the name of the arrested suspect, and thus the stamps of the notary, in an official editor, and then used the same defendant's power of attorney in the extraction of a new telephone chip instead of a loss on behalf of the victim, In one of my telecommunication companies.

She added that the next phase of the fraud process in which one of the accused telephone was at the bank claimed that the victim was aware of the loss of the telephone chip and the collection of lost permissions, asked for a new PIN code for the bank's telephone application, and asked for a checkbook at another new address, The bank, and in the final stage, he gave a number of checks with a false signature assigned to the victim, and used to transfer the amount to withdraw from the account of the latter.

A witness of the police in Dubai said that a report from a person claimed that unknown persons had stolen his balance, noting that he opened the account in this bank about eight months before the date of the communication and deposited the amount and then to his land traveled, and after his return to the cash machine to lose his account, When he checked the bank, he discovered that the money had been taken back by means of five checks that had been attributed to him: he had signatures similar to his signature, he paid for the forgery, confirmed that he had not extracted these checks and was not present in the state when he was released.

The witness added that he had been informed of the criminal laboratory and the victim's book, which showed that he was sincere.He pointed out that the phone number attached to the account had been checked and that one of the defendants had removed part of it. instead of a lost person using a false power of attorney. Another suspect, Abdul Jalil, later discovered that this was not his real name, he admitted that he had paid the checks for the escaped fugitive for a fee of 10,000 dirhams for each operation, knowing that he was practicing fraud and fraud .

• The accused are wrongly accused before the courts of Dubai, which have been issued by the victim on behalf of the accused.

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