Indian Kerala wants to borrow $ 1.4 billion for reconstruction

Kerala wants to borrow $ 1.4 billion for reconstruction Kerala India wants to borrow $ 1.4 billion for reconstruction, Kerala wants to borrow $ 1.4 billion for reconstruction We publish our visitors New news Today through our newspaper Today and start With the biggest news Indian Kerala borrowing $ 1.4 billion for reconstruction.

The state affected by the flood will seek to lend more than 100 billion rupees ($ 1.4 billion) for post-disaster reconstruction, killing approximately 400 people, said the prime minister of the Indian state of Kerala Tuesday..

Prime Minister Pinarai Vijayan said that the proposed loan is part of a special package to be applied for by the southern state, which estimates that flood damage is at least 200 billion rupees from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government.

Vijayan said that Kerala would ask the Moody government to raise the state loan ceiling to 4.5 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) instead of 3 percent, leaving another 105 billion rupees from the market.. "Our goal is not only to bring the state back to a situation before the Flood, but to create a new Kerala," he told reporters. "

The worst 100-year flood of the country killed 383 people, destroyed tens of thousands of homes and cleared roads and bridges. About 1.3 million people shelter in thousands of relief camps.

The federal government has identified the floods as a "serious disaster" and so far has reserved 6 billion rupees as temporary aid funds. Food Minister Ram Vilas Baswan said the government would help as much as possible.

The United Arab Emirates said it would give 7 billion rupees to the state. "Kerala has a special relationship with the UAE, the second home of the Malaysians," said Vijayan, referring to the Kerala population.

The Gulf States harbor large communities of Kerala people who work there and their transfers have been the backbone of the state's economy since the 1960s, contributing to one third of the GDP.

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Today, the Indian state is trying to lend Kerala $ 1.4 billion for reconstruction. Follow us on the social networking sites of our site to get new news.

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