Indian, Malaysian, UAE and German companies compete for a dry harbor on 6 October

Minister of Finance Dr Mohamed Moait has announced that the central unit of projects for private sector participation of the Ministry of Finance is currently completing the implementation of two projects in the transport sector based on the system of partnership with the private sector ( PPP).

He said the Central Participation Unit completed the rehabilitation of 3 alliances for local and international companies to participate in the project, an alliance led by the company Conkor (India) also includes BSA (Malaysia) and Hassan Allam and a alliance led by the holding company for maritime and maritime transport with DP World The three companies will compete to win the 100-hectare project in the city of 6 October to serve as a dry harbor to serve the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila as a storage warehouse for Al-Hawa. Yat.

Maat reported in a press release on Friday that this dry harbor is part of the Ministry of Transport's efforts to develop land, sea and rail transport systems that serve people and goods, since the transport network is one of the most important instruments for economic growth. Project for the creation, design, financing, construction, processing, exploitation and operation of a dry harbor near the industrial zone in the city on 6 October to provide container transport for the congestion of containers in the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila, which will create many jobs in the port F and the planned logistics center for the dry harbor.

He pointed out that the duration of the contract for this project will last up to 30 years, with the tender being the conditions and specifications for the alliances of qualified investors next month and expected to sign the contract in the fourth quarter of this year.

Ather Hanoura, head of the Central Unit for Private Sector Participation, said that the central unit to participate in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport represented in the Alexandria Port General Authority also initiated the steps of project implementation for the construction of the dry-foundry in the port of Dekheila, where we are currently starting with financial and technical feasibility studies. Negotiate with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to contribute to the funding of these studies and the advisors of the proposal through a grant from the Bank to support this project.

He said that this project receives a lot of attention from the Finance and Transport Ministries, as the Alexandria Port Authority receives more than 60% of the total grain and grain imported through Egypt through Alexandria and Dekheila ports, and the percentage and quantities increase year after year. Construction of this project, including the design, construction, management, operation, maintenance and re-delivery of the drying station in the port of Dekheila and the dry-related logistic activities such as production, packaging and packaging in accordance with international standards and standards.

It is remarkable that the volume of investment projects currently offered by the Private Sector Partnership Unit (PPP) of the Ministry of Finance amounts to more than LE 5 billion. In addition to the two dry harbor projects in the city 6 and the casting station in the port from Dekheila, there are two other projects in the education sector for the establishment of joint language schools and a new building for the Faculty of Trade Ain Shams University in Obour City.

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