Launch of the Fab Lab Abu Dhabi Digital Manufacturing Project

Dr. Ali Al Naqbi, Director of Polytechnic Abu Dhabi, Institute of Applied Technology, and Bukhait Bin Khalid Al Manhali, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Khaled Bin Tannaf Al Manhali Award for Innovation and Scientific Excellence, signed the agreement to the Fab Lab Abu Dhabi Digital Manufacturing Project launch, Ibrahim al-Hammadi, Minister of Education.

Dr. Ahmed Al Awar, Director General of the Institute of Applied Technology, Dr. ir. Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Institute for Vocational Education and Training, and Dr. Hamid Al Niyadi, director of institutional communication at the Institute for Applied Technology. In response to the launch, Hussain Al Hammadi said:

The project involves the establishment of advanced scientific and industrial laboratories in accordance with the guidelines of the wise leadership, to enable the youth of the home country to reach the world's first centers in the field of innovation and the dissemination of the culture of application and experience of inventions and production in UAE society in all its sectors, in addition to creating environments that stimulate innovation and encourage students in universities and schools to scientific research and exploration. Leading to advanced stages of innovation and inventions in all scientific and industrial disciplines.

He pointed out that the project is in line with the national strategic objectives of innovation in the country, which aims to increase the number of patents issued, which contributes to strengthening the status of the state and classification of the Global Innovation Index.

He pointed out the importance of the Khalid bin Tannaf Award and his role in motivating students to excel and scientific innovation, in addition to spreading the culture of innovation and invention in society and the need to support inventors and inventors by apply their innovation models in incubators for gifted and creative people.


Abu Dhabi Polytechnic is one of the educational institutions providing a professional, multidisciplinary education system that serves the national forces required in the UAE to achieve the vision of the UAE 2021 and the economic vision of Abu Dhabi 2030. This allows us to the focus of our choice to successfully implement innovative projects that serve the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

He said the initiative to set up the Fab Lab Lab – Abu Dhabi coincides with the year Zayed Al-Khair, in which the principles of giving and community contribution are anchored in the initiatives we offer inside and outside the country, especially in knowledge and scientific aspects.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Awar, director of the Institute of Applied Technology, sponsored and supported the initiatives of the business community for the educational process in the country and supported the efforts of the wise government in the field of education to meet the needs of the community through to offer the latest services, learning materials and production laboratories.

Bakhit Al Manhali said that the production and innovation project of the Abu Dhabi Polytechnic Laboratory includes the provision of hardware, software and materials to promote a culture of innovation and digital processing for students.


Dr. Ali Hilal Al Naqbi, director of the Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, said: "Polytechnic offers a bachelor's degree and a higher degree in science and technology from advanced energy engineering, nuclear power.

Electromechanics, information security engineer, petroleum technology and meteorology. Dr. Hamed El Neyadi, director of institutional communications at the Institute of Applied Technology, said that the indicators for supporting the national innovation strategy are closely linked to the indicators of protection of intellectual property, the number of patents granted and the availability of inventors and engineers in the country, improving the innovative capacities and economic competitiveness of the state. .

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