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Leadership of the UAE in the application of clean energy technologies

The UAE's role in sustainable clean energy technologies has been recognized globally, according to a report from the Trends and Research Center in collaboration with the Stimson Washington Center, which was a regional leader in the adoption of these technologies.

The report provides a framework for the development of the renewable energy sector in the UAE and highlights the lessons learned by the UAE during the first decade of its leadership in the field of renewable energy. More opportunities to share those experiences with other countries.

The report aims to support the UAE in its search for a strategic expansion of its renewable energy diplomacy and targeted investments in developing countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, with the aim of laying the foundation from which the world is moving towards a more sustainable future. .


Dr. Ahmad Thani Al Hamli, president and founder of the Trends Center, said: "The UAE has stimulated research in the energy sector. The strategic use of our energy resources has been the means by which we have achieved significant growth and renaissance." The UAE is driven by the vision that local and global growth must not be at the expense of the environment through the approval and use of non-renewable energy sources, making sustainable energy innovation a top priority for the UAE. This offers significant opportunities to support global efforts to adopt clean and renewable energy and use it for sustainable development.

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"The UAE encourages the use of clean energy locally and is always willing to gather knowledge and the skills it has to support global efforts through its clean energy diplomacy, because it has become a pioneer in global innovation. renewable energy, and Dubai with worldwide interest after bidding at record prices of less than $ 0.3 per kilowatt hour.

He pointed out that the importance of the report stems from various aspects, including the fact that the emphasis of our wise guidance was to use these resources wisely to build our vast renaissance, which surprised the world, and emphasized the role of the UAE. in the global effort to use clean and renewable energy, in line with And stressed that what has been achieved has been a translation of the guidance of our leadership, which has paid much attention to the sustainable use of our energy sources and the least possible consequences to ensure our natural environment.


"The UAE is organizing next year's World Energy Congress, which brings together representatives from more than 150 countries around the world every three years to discuss the global strategy for cooperation, coordination and innovation in renewable energy and future prospects, and we look forward to to Expo 2020, A wide range of innovation projects and programs hosted by the UAE in this global event.

This has increased the ability to remove doubts about the ability of solar energy to compete with conventional fuels and to place the UAE in the middle of global discussions on renewable energy.


Lincoln Bloomfield Jr., a member and honorary chairman of the Stimson Center, said: "The report highlights the pioneering role of the UAE in approving a series of initiatives that support environmental and renewable clean energy systems that can be deployed globally.

He added that the UAE strengthened its diplomatic power to support renewable energy projects in the Third World countries, and made strong efforts similar to countries such as China, the United States and even the European Union, but through the UAE. Comparing with these countries, the country reached unprecedented success, making it a standard for countries. This success has also increased the UAE's ability to significantly extend its efforts to emphasize sustainable development trends in third world countries. This success has also highlighted the position of the UAE as a leader in innovation in renewable energy.


"Innovation in the renewable energy sector is an ideal way to add to the UAE's performance," said Bryan Finley, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Stimson Center. "The unrestricted efforts to support renewable energy technologies are essential for supporting clean global energy markets and promoting sustainable development in countries.

Road map

The report provides a roadmap for energy policy makers and policy makers to launch smart pilot projects in the booming energy markets in Southeast Asia. He pointed out that the UAE has chosen a holistic approach to development and has ensured that the social, economic, environmental and human safety factors are the pillars of his energy diplomacy.

In 2008, the UAE set up the Estidama Assessment Program as an integral part of the UAE Energy 2050 strategy based on the criteria of the "Leadership in Energy and Design" system that investors and owners of joint ventures with the UAE energy sector. benefits.

Paris Agreement

At local level, the report said the UAE is the first country in the Gulf to ratify the Paris Climate Convention on September 21, 2016. The energy sector has been adopted as a key area for international participation and the adoption by the UAE of a clean energy target in its strategy, including the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The different achievements, including cooperation with developing countries, help to create a flexible infrastructure, promote sustainable industries and contribute to capacity building, technological employment and energy infrastructure development.


The UAE also committed to include clean energy elements in its foreign diplomacy The country has supported eleven renewable energy projects on the Pacific islands, as well as investments worth $ 50 million renewable energy on the Caribbean islands as part of the 2013 Pacific Partnership Fund, which represents the UAE's leading green energy innovation in the Dubai 2016 Declaration, which presents a comprehensive plan to turn the UAE into a leader in renewable energy globally.

Innovation is a key element of the UAE strategy

The UAE has improved its reputation for renewable energy in the Arabian Gulf The recommendations in line with UAE diplomatic diplomacy in the field of clean energy are innovation in renewable energy and future prospects, and a new limit in the ADF budget that will be strategically focused on a series of countries that witnessed a steady increase in energy demand until the year 2040, and the expansion of the exchange of government governments with energy officials in developing countries, especially in the least developed countries .

Public authorities, university research centers and research institutions in the UAE should publish academic studies and a summary of the UAE's innovation policy in the renewable energy sector and launch short-term capacity building programs for planners in other developing countries to implement the sustainability program. ; s from Khalifa University and Masdar Institute to attend.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation should take into account the development of sustainable development goals as a priority in the guidelines. Southeast Asian countries should be a priority for UAE Green Energy diplomacy as a regional example in which UAE strategies can be developed. applied.

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