Live performances by King Charles at Mall of the Emirates

Dubai: «Golf»

"Mall of the Emirates" organizes a breathtaking event that offers visitors valuable prizes during the holidays of Eid Al Adha, making it an ideal destination for families who want to spend fun and fun together.
"Mall of the Emirates" is a wonderful atmosphere during the Eid holiday, making it attractive for those who want to spend wonderful moments with their family or friends. Mall of the Emirates offers an integrated lifestyle experience, including world-class shopping, restaurant concepts from around the world and leisure facilities such as the ski resort Ski Dubai and the entertainment center Magic Planet, with valuable prizes and spectacular international entertainment during the Eid holiday.
The world famous King Charles band is on holiday in Dubai from New York to make his first show during the holidays. The band members will attract attention when they play basketball, with all their movements and evaders, in a spectacular and brilliant way on one-wheeled bikes. Team leader Kim Anthony Jones has set a world record with a total of 164 single jumps over two ropes while riding a bicycle on one wheel. The international band offers professional skills in Mall of the Emirates until August 25 in four daily versions.
In addition to international leisure activities, the AED 600 store in Mall of the Emirates is eligible for a daily price of AED 15,000.

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