Looking for a job interview? This secret discovery manager is hard to see

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – There is nothing worse than working with a hard-working manager every day, it makes you nervous and nervous. Each of us has professional goals, but having a manager who is difficult to handle can prevent us from achieving them.

We offer you this detailed guide with the 10 questions you need to ask during a job interview to get to know your manager better:

First case:

Ask the interview manager to ask if he works directly with your manager:

What is the management style of the manager?

With this question you can see if your future manager has a good management style, an inspiring personality, a respectable personality or an authoritarian personality. With this question you also know whether the manager trusts the new employees and allocates sufficient tasks, whether he communicates effectively with the employees or whether he or she prefers to work independently.

What is your favorite character in the manager?

Without notes and focused on the tone of his voice and his way of speaking, did you notice his repetition of a certain character such as sympathy, honesty or flexibility? Has he given examples showing that he possessed this status or did he feel that he spoke in general without giving precise details?

Can you tell me more about the company culture and the team?

In this question you can learn how employees interact with each other, learn how they communicate and how your future manager can integrate with their team.

Second case:

Ask the interview manager if you find out that your manager:

What do you think are the characteristics of the ideal employee?

Take the manager's response very seriously and let him know that you have the skills that are important to him and if you miss most of the skills he has mentioned, this is a sign that you do not belong to the position or team completely fits.

Do you criticize your employees constructively? How are you doing this?

It is very important to give the manager permanent feedback to his staff. Nobody wants to stay in place without developing new skills and learning, but these observations should show the interest of the manager in the employee. The main goal is to to facilitate staff and give them the opportunity to learn and develop their skills instead of reprimanding or charging.

How do you rate the skills of your employees?

Ask if there is a system for regularly evaluating the performance of the personnel. For example, does the manager help his employees achieve their professional goals? Is the employee advised to follow certain procedures that can help him to achieve his goals?

How long have you run this team?

This question will help you understand how interested the manager in his team is and whether he has helped him develop since he took office. Did you feel problems or did you notice that the staff turnover figures are high? Note whether there are signs of dissatisfaction, both in the job itself and in the management style.

Which method should be followed when making comments for your employees?

Concentrate carefully on the manager's response to this question, it will help you understand his management style and whether he is authoritarian or illogical.

How do you reward your team for its performance?

This answer shows you the interest of the director in the balance between the professional and personal life of employees and the extent to which he is interested in rewarding their performance and appreciating their efforts.

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