Martial arts stimulate the activity of children in Emirates Zoo

The summer camp of the Emirates Wildlife Resort and Park offers many activities that combine science and entertainment. This destination has started organizing aikido and martial arts courses that emphasize the importance of martial arts in a unique program that encourages children to lead A healthier and more active lifestyle.

The management of the park explained that these courses are available for children from 4 to 14 years old and will be held in the monumental village house of Emirates Wildlife Resort and Park on Sundays and Tuesdays of every week, in which children learn self-defense techniques, with a focus on balance and behavior This is done under the supervision of a professional trainer, where activities not only teach children to defend themselves, but also offer an extensive exercise for all parts of the body and promote their health and fitness.

"Our summer camp aims to provide children with the best of summer vacations, give them the opportunity to connect with other children and contribute to their self-confidence," said Naima Al Mahmoudi, marketing director of Emirates Wildlife Resort and Park. .

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