Mass demonstrations in Socotra demanded the departure of the governor and accused him of disrupting development in the province

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The province of Socotra yesterday witnessed a mass demonstration in which hundreds of people from the province participated to express their dissatisfaction and condemnation of the practices of the reform party and the governor of the province, who implement their agenda.

The demonstrators accused the Islah party and the governor of the province of stopping development on the island and hampered the efforts of the UAE, which is working to alleviate the suffering of the archipelago.

The demonstrators held banners on behalf of the provincial councils and county sheikhs and preachers and warned local authorities not to derail the development process and intimidation of donors and to preserve the electricity sector of the Khalifa Foundation.

Demonstrators said the Socotra governor stopped electricity, roads, fishing, education and other development and construction facilities and ran media campaigns against state symbols and leaders of the coalition countries, spread rumors and disrupted public peace.

The demonstrators also accused the local authorities of the province of detaining civilians without the right to intervene in associations and trade unions and to replace the separation of cadres and the members and supporters of them. Instead of them.

The sons of Socotra sent a letter to President Abderba Mansour Hadi to stop the intervention of the reform party and save Socotra from the conservative dependence of the Islah party.

They said in their letter that it was not enough for hurricanes to get the typhoon and conservatives to stop the development and development of this archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

In their message, the sons of Socotra carried full responsibility for the lives and souls of the sons of Socotra and their development for the world by keeping them starved, stopping their development and extending the war.

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