Mohammed and Nabil Hashimi .. Two employees & mothers and vendors «Master degree» evening


At the entrance of the "Eastgate" park in the Khawaneej area of ​​Dubai, the Donut vans, with Mohammed and Nabil Al Hashemi in their two UAE dresses and their unrivaled smile, greet the pioneers of the park and present a live show from the hot donuts of the UAE. In less than two minutes.

Mohammed and Nabil al-Hashemi, two citizens of one family, decided to use the culture of shame & # 39; to challenge and open a project to produce hot donuts & # 39; with Emirati accents: they manage and work from the ground up, from preparing the product to their own hands. beautiful.

Mohammed and Nabeel al-Hashimi, for the Emirates Today, claim that they wish their experience to be a living example, encouraging their generation to catch up, and that through their project that the world wants to achieve, they have the prevailing idea have changed that the Emirati people are opulent And is only suitable to work behind the offices, by looking for their project to correct this idea and prove the opposite.

The beginning of the story

Engineer Mohammed Al Hashemi, the first partner in the project, told the story of Doh Minnie Donuts from the beginning and how he changed from dream to reality: "Since my childhood I believe that the future will be for jobs based on creativity and innovative ideas As soon as I completed my studies at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manchester (UK), I received a Master in Project Management, I was employed by a company, but after a while I had the old dream of becoming a Special project. What motivated me was that I had a lot of energy and time to invest in extra work. It generates financial income. I am qualified to enter the business world. "

"I met my cousin, who compares me to the dream itself, we study the ideas we have gained during our studies abroad and our travels. We try to convey them to our country after painting our Arab and local culture. We started our budget, which did not exceed 5000 dirhams, and brought us via the Internet to all the details of this industry, trusting ourselves, without resorting to aid workers ».

Al-Hashimi continued: "We have set up a small booth in Al-Barsha Park to produce and sell donuts in their usual flavors. From the moment we started working, we were surprised and surprised by the pioneers of the park. When we saw ourselves at work, we grabbed the dough and the hot kitchen utensils. "Our identity, especially as we continued to wear our Emirati dress, but were accustomed to our existence over time, and looking to the encouragement and appreciation changed, so that many mothers gave us ideals for children in the grandfather and the struggle and the value of work.

Looks like

"I will not forget when one of the leaders of the park came to us, curious and surprised, because we were satisfied with this (modest) profession, and gave our advice on ways of a better job, because we thought our profession We tried to explain to him that even modest work is an honor for the owner and that the future of business and innovative ideas, which need the energy of young people and his heart, is full of activity and hope ».

"After more than a year of hard work and moving between stalls in all areas and parks in Dubai, we took part in the Dubai Food Festival at the beginning of the year and from there we moved to our last resort in Al Khawaneej to be our first step into the world of private enterprise. "

Secrets of industry

The second partner in the project, Nabil al-Hashemi, also holds a master's degree, but in accounting and business administration, and works in the government & state & # 39; s in the morning. in the evening next to his colleague to prepare and submit "donuts".

"In the beginning we were not professional in the donut industry, so we meant one of the Belgian chefs who visited our country during the Dubai Food Festival, we learned all the secrets from the industry and after a few months we introduced our products and we introduced many new flavors., What is not known to the Western (Donuts) industry, which was the most prominent (Zaatar Donuts) and (Levites Donuts) ». After working one month after another, our experience has increased and we are characterized by hot salty salads, which depend on live cooking, so that our customers can see all processing steps in just two minutes, to adopt the light yeast-free dough that is not needed To prepare it for a long time, in addition to creating other seasonal varieties like taste (VAE liqueurs), which was very popular in the month of Ramadan last ». "We did not expect this demand for our products, and we're getting more and more enthusiastic because the place around us is full of cars and it ignites even more when the United Arab Emirates and other families find their way to to impress big members with hot UAE donuts.


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